Make yourself a priority and show yourself some self-care!

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Self-care is usually the first thing we sacrifice when our lives get busy and stressful, as we tend to not make ourselves a priority and feel that taking time for ourselves is an indulgence, rather than a necessity. Go easy on yourself – it’s been a rough year for us all and we all deserve to give ourselves some self-love and care!

Despite what you see on your Instagram feed, self-care doesn’t have to be a trip to a lavish day spa or splurging on new clothes - it’s also about forming behaviours and habits to help prevent stress in the first place. I’m talking things like an exercise routine, making diet adjustments, and connecting with humans and nature. These are all things that will cost you just about nothing, but will support your well-being.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a few ideas to get you started – find what helps you and brings you joy and watch yourself flourish!


Nourish your body

There’s no denying that a donut goes down a treat and should totally be enjoyed in moderation, but it’s important to fuel your body with nourishing food. Think wholefoods, healthy fats, protein and good carbs – all of these are full of vitamins and nutrients that will have you feeling on top of the world.


Pamper yourself

No, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to spend at a day spa to pamper yourself. Run yourself a warm bath, apply a face mask, light your favourite scented candle, use a body scrub or paint your nails – the possibilities are endless!

Coffee Body Scrub


Get moving

We weren’t born with arms and legs to just let them go to waste. It can be as simple as taking a break every hour to stretch out your legs, but you can also try a new workout class, go on a hike with your best friend or commit to starting your day with a brisk walk.


Human Connection

Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, we are all social beings and need our social circle to live. It’s important to put effort into your relationships, so try visiting your family, calling an old friend, booking date nights, going out for a boogie or even inviting some friends over for a cup of Urban Brew coffee!

Coffee With Friends


Sleep better

We all know how important sleep is. A good-quality sleep restores, refreshes and sets our mood for the day ahead, so it’s only right that we make it a priority. Make your bedroom a sanctuary and create a routine. Some things you can try are essential oils, phone-free zone, black-out curtains and sticking to a bed/wake up time. You can even try taking a nap if your day allows it!


Tidy Up

Cleaning isn’t the most glamorous task, but boy it feels good to have a clean and organised home to walk into after a busy day at work. Start by cleaning one room at a time or decluttering by throwing out items that don’t get used – it may take days, weeks or even months, but you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders when it’s all done.

Cleaning A Window


Treat yourself

Don’t feel guilty for spoiling yourself and being a little materialistic at times, as long as it’s within your means of course. Indulge in some ice cream and wine. Buy yourself some fresh flowers. Get your hair done. Buy that pair of shoes you’ve been lusting over!


Digital Detox

We may as well consider our phone a body part since it’s basically connected to our hand. Put your phone away, shut your laptop and turn your TV off. Reconnect with a hobby that gets your creative juices flowing – think DIY projects, reading a self-development book and learning a new skill.

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