Guest Blog: DIY Coffee Scrub Using Urban Brew Coffee Pods

Guest Blog: DIY Coffee Scrub Using Urban Brew Coffee Pods

Want silky smooth skin? Your leftover coffee pods can help you!

DIY Coffee Scrub with Leftover Urban Brew Coffee Pods

There are so many reasons to love coffee. The aroma when you open a packet of pods, the liquid gold extracting from your machine and the warm, blissful feeling of coffee running down your throat. You may be a guilty coffee binger or proclaimed coffee snob, but so many people don’t know the extent of the benefits of coffee. One of the biggest benefits of coffee that you can reap is healthy, glowing skin!


Okay, so what is a coffee scrub?

It’s a mixture that is usually made up of coffee, sugar and some type of oil, but recipes vary and there’s a lot of room for experimenting. This scrub is used for mechanical exfoliating, which means physically removing dead skin cells from your skin’s surface by abrasively rubbing the mixture onto your skin.


What are the benefits of a coffee scrub?

Using a coffee scrub is an amazing way to exfoliate the skin, improve blood circulation and tighten the skin. Exfoliating your skin helps to lift dull, dead skin build up, leaving you with a radiant complexion. And as you know, coffee energizes you, and it can do the same for the look of your skin! You may have also heard that it can help cellulite, and whilst it can be helpful, it doesn’t get rid of it, it simply helps reduce the appearance.


How do I make one?

They’ve blown up and attracted a lot of attention on social media in recent years and have become a popular part of many women’s body care routine. There’s plenty of brands that are selling their own coffee scrubs, but it is so easy to make your own at home, and if you’re a coffee drinker, it’ll be much cheaper to make one as you can reuse your leftover pods!


Here’s what you’ll need to make a coffee scrub that smells like a vanilla latte:

  • 6 used coffee pods (the higher intensity, the more benefits!)
  • ½ cup raw sugar
  • ½ cup fractioned coconut oil (virgin coconut oil is fine too)
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Simply mix all these ingredients together and store in an airtight container. It is recommended that you store it in your fridge to prevent mold and use it within 2 weeks.


Feel free to do some research and experiment with this, you can add different scents and oils in depending on what you like! If you’ve made one yourself and have any ideas, please comment below : )


Guest Blog by Brenda L - Junior Digital Content Manager