How to Supercharge Your Morning Brew

How to Supercharge Your Morning Brew

If you’re here right now, I’m guessing that you’re a coffee addict like me – after all, I did create a coffee pod company! But there seems to be a constant debate about whether coffee is good or bad for you. One day there’s an article with all the amazing health benefits, and the next there’s one telling you to cut coffee out!

A lot of the risks with coffee are more to do with how you consume the coffee rather than the coffee itself. I consider myself a responsible coffee drinker who drinks to reap the benefits. Not only does it get me going and keep me focused, but it actually has these amazing health benefits - when consumed safely of course:


How to make a supercharged bulletproof coffee with your urban brew biodegradable nespresso caffitaly k-fee coffee pods using grass-fed butter and mct oilI don’t care how many articles I read bagging out coffee, I’d never give up coffee and I’m sure most of you wouldn’t either. But what if there was a way to add more benefits and supercharge your coffee?

I first heard about this technique a couple years ago, but recently I've seen more customers using our coffee pods to make a “bulletproof coffee”. The name alone made me interested in researching it, it sounds like a magical potion or something! If you don’t know what it is, it’s commonly a blend of coffee, MCT oil and grass-fed butter, but there are so many variations of it. It’s become all the rage in the past few years, especially seen in Keto diets!

So what’s the deal with it – and why all the fat?

Well, these healthy fats are an amazing way to kick-start your day. They provide long lasting energy, great cognitive function and rev up your metabolism. But you should be cautious, as fats are calorie dense so adding too much can lead to issues!

Urban Brew Biodegradable Coffee Pods Bulletproof Coffee Butter MCT Oil

Let’s break this recipe for success down for you.

The first ingredient you start with is black coffee – when using our pods, you can use 1-2 pods and fill the rest of your cup with hot water. After this comes MCT oil. This can be in the form of unrefined coconut oil, but it’s recommended to get 100% MCT oil for more concentrated benefits. The last ingredient is grass-fed butter. It is important to get a grass-fed butter as there is a significantly higher concentration in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K2 compared to grain-fed butter.

For the most basic recipe, follow this:

  • 1-2 Urban Brew pods*
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 1-2 tablespoons MCT oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter or ghee (for vegans, skip this or you can try alternatives like almond butter)

Simply combine ingredients in a blender until the drink has a frothy, foamy consistency – and enjoy your cup full of amazing health benefits!

Disclaimer: You may want to start with less MCT oil and butter as your body may not be used to large dosages of high fats. You should also wait until your coffee is lukewarm or add some cold water to it if using a blender, as blenders are not made to withstand boiling water.

*You can use any of the intensities of our coffee pods, so pick your favourite one. You can even use our decaf pods and still get a cup packed with benefits!

Want even more out of your coffee?

If you want to spice things up a bit and pack even more into your brew, here are some other ingredients that you can add that also offer great health benefits. Try switching things up and experimenting!

  • Collagen – a protein that may help your own collagen production, may improve skin elasticity, hair and nails and can soothe your gut lining.
  • Ashwagandha – can boost the immune system, may reduces blood sugar levels and has properties that are said to be anti-cancerous 
  • Medicinal Mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lions Mane) – can increase antioxidant activity and may support brain health
  • Cinnamon – is know to have anti-inflammatory properties, may reduce cholesterol and can help manage type 2 diabetes
  • Ginger – can relieve muscle pain, can settle your stomach and may even fight infections
Collagen Powder Coffee

Personally, I love my coffee with full cream milk, but I love learning about new ways that coffee can be used and it was nice to try something new and experiment. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, I’d love to hear them below!

P.S. I should also add that I am not a professional nutritionist - this information is based off my own research. Everyone has different requirements so please be sure to research for yourself as well if you have any concerns! : )


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