Three ways to repurpose your Brew Candle

Three ways to repurpose your Brew Candle

 The treat that makes more than scents


So you’ve satisfied your senses with our Urban Brew Affogato candle by Hunt and Nest to the point where you literally cannot burn that delicious scent any more (which, according to experts, is when there’s less than ¼ of the wax remaining). But you’re not done with this delectable delight just yet - check out some of our favourite reuses for our Brew Candle below. 


In order to repurpose this jar, we first gotta make sure that there is no wax left in the jar. To clean out the leftover wax, you can do any of the following:

  1. Pour hot water into the candle jar and leave it, as the wax melts, it will float to the top for you to remove later!
  2. Freeze the candle upside down - the wax will shrink and fall right out
  3. Use a hairdryer to heat the glass so the leftover wax can be slid or scooped out.

The best part is that once you’ve extracted the leftover wax from the candle, you can burn it in your wax burner to get even more life out of that delicious affogato experience. 


Okay so you’ve got your jar, all clean and ready for your creativity to fill it. Whilst that leftover wax is burning away in the corner, let us inspire you with a couple of different ways you can reuse your jar.

  1. Pen/pencil holder
    The easiest way to use your jar is to simply just place it on your desk as-is and fill it with all your stationery needs.
  2. Herbery
    Use your Brew Candle to keep those herbs minty fresh in a little bit of water and a patch of sunlight on your windowsill.
  3. Turn it into a planter
    Display your candle as a new home for a plant - did someone say green thumb? 

So there you go! Three ways you can recycle and reuse your Brew Candle after you’ve enjoyed all the sweet scents it has to offer. Got an idea not in the list? Post it to your socials and tag us #urbanbrewpods - we wanna see it!

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