To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re comin’ atcha with 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew!

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re comin’ atcha with 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew!

Urban Brew | The Podfather with BrewsterUrban Brew | The Podfather with Brewster

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re comin’ atcha with 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew!

Check this: it’s been 4 years since we started Urban Brew. Yes! 4 years. If you’ve been with us since day dot: thank you. If you’re brew… uh, I mean new: thank you, too! We’ve been waiting for you.

To celebrate turning 4, we thought we’d get stuck into the 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew way back when. If you’re interested, you can also check out our Meet The Maker video HERE, where we go into all the deets, too. But, for now, check out our reasons below!



Urban Brew | Toby Strong, the podfatherUrban Brew | Toby Strong, the podfather

It’s safe to say that I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Who knew that I’d end up being an entre-POD-neur! Whether it was helping my father with chores around the house when I was a little kid or selling origami to my mum’s friends, I’ve always had the drive to start my own business. When I was younger, I quickly worked out that what I was really selling was cuteness… and when that wore off, I started wondering what I could really put my passion into...


Urban Brew | Perfect coffeeUrban Brew | Perfect coffee

Today, where I’ve ended up in life, is for a deep love of coffee. Why? Well, if you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll just know that the reason why it’s one of the world’s most-drunk beverages is because coffee enhances moments. It brings us together. It fosters connection. Sure, you could say to someone, ‘Wanna catch up over a glass of orange juice?’, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. Whether it’s a weekend latte with a friend or lazy long black on Sunday morning with the paper, if coffee’s there, it always seems to enhance the moment. And that’s what I wanted to put my passion toward.


Urban Brew Compostable pods nespresso compatibleUrban Brew Compostable pods nespresso compatible

We dreamed up Urban Brew to bring it all together. First, we wanted delicious Aussie-roasted coffee more available than ever. So, to do this, we looked toward coffee-pod coffee. That way, anyone could go out and buy a machine and then come to us for an awesome variety and incomparable taste. We also wanted to be the folks who offered our coffee in an environmental pod, so we were the first to introduce a biodegradable pod in Australia. So, in essence, we created Urban Brew to bring you a freshly roasted, convenient coffee pod that’s eco, sustainable and superior in taste. We’re proud of all these things that make us special, but it wouldn't be anything without number 4...


Urban Brew | Urban brew teamUrban Brew | Urban brew team

The biggest reason we started Urban Brew was simply to put a smile on your face. We know that you love our coffee, but when you get our order from us, we put time, consideration and care into every order because we want to add a little sparkle to your day. Without you, sure our coffee’s delish, but it’s nothing without the connection we have. Our community of caffeinated legends who share their stories, open up their lives to us, and let us in on their moments is why we do all of this. From day dot, we wanted the soul of Urban Brew to enhance your moments as much as coffee does, and we think we’ve done that.


Thanks for every single laugh, every single snap and every single cuppa!


Pod on, and we’ll see you for another awesome year ahead.


Checkout our FAQs, send me an email at, call us on 1800 875 495 or text us on 0408 030 947. We are happy to help!

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist