What You Can Expect To Receive

Hi, Toby here again.

Here’s a video I made to let you know what you can expect to receive and this also covers a frequently asked question about our packaging and freshness.


Firstly (and most importantly for many), let's chat about our Cuppa Choc...

If you ordered 40 pods or more you will receive a free Cuppa Choc - our edible wafer coffee cup coated in Belgium chocolate. Delicious and free, need I say more?! Well, yes, because these little cups of pleasure are more versatile than you might think. These aren't only the best cup you'll ever drink coffee out of, but they are also great for ice cream, fruit and pretty much anything else you can think of. Having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Serve them in a Cuppa Choc... Boom! Solving the world's problems one at a time.

Next on the menu, how we keep our coffee so fresh.

In case you are wondering, the reason Nespresso pods are made out of aluminium is because there is no better material to keep coffee fresh. We need to protect coffee from oxygen and aluminium does a very god job at this. Unlike Nespresso, our pods are made from biodegradable plastic. But unfortunately, this oxygen does migrate through plastic over time. For this reason we use a pouch to keep our pods fresh and protect them from oxygen. We understand the size of this pouch may leave some of you scratching your head because it doesn't look very eco-friendly, but trust me, we have done everything possible to reduce the environmental impact when it comes to all of our packaging.

Our pouch is actually predominantly plastic, with just a very light coating of aluminium for the barrier properties (these can be recycled at supermarkets with soft plastic collection points). We also use aluminium for the lid of our pods, because the coffee would be very flat and wouldn't have much crema without it. If we combine this plastic and aluminium and then break it down to a per cup basis, this helps to put things into perspective.

  • To match the equivalent amount of plastic used in a standard 600ml water bottle, you would need to make 60 cups of Urban Brew.
  • To match the equivalent amount of aluminium used in a standard 375ml can of drink, you would need to make 160 cups of Urban Brew.

Why we do what we do?

We are trying to juggle three important factors; 1 environment, 2 price and 3 freshness. We are trying to do the best job we can to reduce environmental impact, but in my view, if the "best" eco-friendly solution is too expensive for many people to use regularly, than the overall impact of that product is heavily reduced.

It’s all about balance. Our pods start from 35c (half the price of Nespresso) so if we can convert more original Nespresso (full aluminium) users over to our product because of the price, than I believe we are having a greater overall impact. This is just my view, but I hope you agree : )

Be happy,
Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)
Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist