How Our Coffee Is Made

Hey again, Toby here!

Still on the fence about our coffee? Well how about we guide you through the process of how our coffee is made from start to finish!



We are actually one of the few brands in Australia that roasts, produce and pack our own pods, which means optimum quality and freshness and no middle man to sabotage us in any way! So when you’re buying from us, you’re literally buying directly from us.

All of our coffee is ethically sourced and Fairtrade from the best suppliers around the world. It then arrives at our factory, which is filled with passionate and coffee loving team members who all contribute in their own way to make the freshest coffee pods possible.

First, our in-house roaster Sven greets the beans and prepares them for roasting using our special techniques to get the perfect blends and intensities. After this, the coffee moves on to the production room where our technicians watches closely as the beans are ground and put into coffee pods. Only the best beans make it through and there is a lot of quality control involved in this stage – there are tough requirements that the pods must meet if they wish to go to the next stage!

Whilst we’ve spent years perfecting our blends and intensities, we don’t assume it’s going to be perfect, which is why every single batch is taste tested by our team of coffee addicts – I mean office staff. If the coffee is anything less than 10/10, it doesn’t make the cut.

Once it’s past this stage, it makes its way to the warehouse where the team hand packs each order with love and care. They honestly love their job so much - it gets a little emotional sending your order off sometimes. From there, it’s loaded onto the truck and finally starts its adventure across Australia to your door.

I hope getting a little look behind the scenes helped you get to know us a little better! I can keep going on about our coffee, but you really don’t know until you try. If you decide to join us, we will gladly spoil you with amazing coffee, a fun community and awesome offers and giveaways!

Thanks again for joining our coffee loving community - now let's have some fun!

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Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)
Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist