How it works


Our pods are made from d2w oxo-biodegradable plastic technology. They are recyclable and biodegradable, but are not compostable. They can be recycled or treated as general waste where they will degrade at an accelerated rate of time in landfill. It takes 2 years for this to happen, which is similar to the time it takes for an orange peel to break down. As a comparison, it can take up to 500 years for some other plastic and aluminium pods to break down.

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You can order as you need, but with Urban Brew the real savings kick in when you subscribe. Now we know what you’re thinking, subscribing could lead to complications like:

  • What if I run out of coffee before my next delivery is due?
  • What if I go on holidays and end up with too much coffee?
  • What if I murder my husband while he's asleep and only need coffee for one instead of two?
  • What if the police catch on and I need to quickly cancel my order and flee?

Well, we've created seamless solutions to all of life’s potential problems...

Easy Cancel Anytime

Open Handcuffs
No fees, no long term commitment, no hard to find cancellation buttons. Seriously easy to manage, we should make it harder!

Adjust delivery date anytime

Running out of coffee before your next delivery is a first world problem, but a big one! This is why we have made it easy for you to adjust the delivery date so you can get your delivery sooner. You can also push the date back, but this doesn’t happen very often!

Change order anytime

New Change
Got a tough few weeks coming up and need more of the strong stuff? No worries, you can change your coffee choices anytime to include more or less of our high intensity coffee.

Upgrade/Downgrade anytime

New Upgrade
Expecting the in-laws for an extended stay? Lucky you, but you’ll be needing more coffee! This is why we have made it easy to switch between our plans anytime.