Can I use your Urban Brew compatible pods in my Nespresso Orinigal line machine?


Yes, our compatraible pod technology is designed in such a way to compliment Nespresso®* machines, not work against them. In fact, we have sold over 50 million pods and have never caused an issue with a machine. Nespresso®* wants you to keep purchasing their pods, which is why they claim this. However, the truth is that all of the workings of a Nespresso machine are in the back of the machine and do not come into contact with the pod, so there is no damage a pod could actually cause. The machine will pass the desired amount of water through, regardless of which type it is.

What is the difference between Urban Brew compatible pods and Nespresso pods? 

  1. design - trademark/patent - legalities- puncture vs click bottom vs thin ring designs
  2. materials - aluminum vs recyclable plastic vs oxo-bio plastic vs industrial compostable material vs home compostable material
  3. coffee beans - origin, blend, roast, freshness

compatible pods


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