Country Shipping - The Good & The Bad


Hey there!

I’ve had to make a small adjustment to shipping to some country / expensive shipping areas and I wanted to give you an explanation as to how I came to this decision.

We’ve copped a price rise from Australia Post and because of this we had to look into our shipping arrangements in order to continue being a sustainable business.

As we looked deeper, we realised how much country shipping has been costing us which is roughly between $15-30 per order. Now to put this into perspective, with an average order being around $40 worth of pods, it’s not feasible for us to continue offering free shipping to country areas.

So with that being said, we need to introduce a $5 shipping surcharge to some country / expensive shipping areas, coming into effect on the 22nd of January (this means that Express Shipping will cost $15). This isn’t something I wanted to do, but for our business to survive decisions like this need to be made. 

I understand that it already takes a while to get your order from us to your home. So I am going to make it up to you by giving you FREE priority shipping for every order. What this means is that our packing team will move your order to the front of the line.

I truly apologise to anyone who may be upset by this and I hope you understand. Feel free to contact us by email at or call us on 1800 875 495 if you have any questions – we’re happy to help!

Be happy,
Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)
Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist