Monthly Giveaway - August 2022

This August giveaway is worth blowing off the dust and treating yo’self to a brew-tifully clean home and an extra pod (or two)! And if the highlight of your 2022 is winning this Dyson - then clearly things are picking up (okay… we’ll stop now). 

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Salted Caramel Syrup

We are here to rock your world (or.. rock your coffee) with our Salted Caramel Syrup from Tasteology. Imagine a caramelised sugar aroma with delicious hints of creaminess. That rich caramel taste that we all know and love, combined with the slightest sprinkle of salt. Sounds good, right? The result is a to-die-for sweet and salty flavour that’ll knock your socks off every time!

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Monthly Giveaway - July 2022

Getting cold feet? We've got 180 pairs of our Hot Choc socks to give away this July!

It's winter and it's freezing. You've bundled up in your biggest jumper, there are 27 rugs on top of you and the heater is blasting like it's a speaker at an ACDC concert. But you can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Enter: our Hot Choc socks

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Tim Tam Latte Recipe

Forget the Tim Tam Slam, we're calling this the Tim Tam whabam! A delicious addition to your coffee recipe repertoire; layers of decadent chocolate meet malted biscuits, meet our perfect pods. Drooling already?

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Stop curdling in your coffee

Love plant-based milk but don't love it when they curdle in your coffee? We've got a couple of tips for you to try that will smooth out all the lumps and bumps that happen when you add alternative milk to your brew.

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This just in: Brew Bars!

I feel like I say this every time, but you best believe that we’ve really raised the bar on this one. Comin’ atcha to save you when the snacks attack, when you’re looking for a lil’ sweet fix or when you’re done with your coffee but you want more, we hand you our Brew Bar. Available in moreish milk or delish dark chocolate, these beauties are handmade in Australia and feature (you guessed it) a healthy sprinkle of freshly roasted coffee beans on top.

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Monthly Giveaway - June 2022

Doing your taxes? Throw on an Ooodie! Need to cram for that exam? Do it in an Ooodie. Need to call up Gran and hear about the latest shenanigans going on at bingo? You get the gist; everything’s better in an Oodie. Legs eleven!

Oh, and best news yet: we’ve got not one but four Oodies vouches to give away this June. YEP! You got it.

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We're now compostable!

Consider the show stolen, Brew Crew. Our compostable pods are now 100% in our rotation and sliding into your order - come get the deets on what this means for us and for you. Spoiler alert: it's only good things.

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Brand new: Choc socks!

With winter just around the corner, we thought we’d add to our library of Treats by giving our OG Brew Socks a choc-themed companion. Cue the squishy, gooey marshmallows and cups of chocolate and a cute-as quote that was inspired by our youngest Brew Crew member (and marketer-in-training), who dreamed up the slogan featured on the sole of the socks, “Wake me up before you cocoa.” Too cute.

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Introducing our Brew Mugs!

Here to make your coffee moment even more magical, we’ve added two new mugs to our Treat’s range, Brew Crew! Bottoms up.

Made from durable porcelain and featuring a snazzy modern design that you voted for, catch sight of that sleek handle and peek at the bottom for a cheeky little quote.

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