Toby's Success Hack

Success. What comes to mind when you read that? You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that everyone defines success differently, which totally makes sense when you think about it! Nowadays, with life being even more crazy than it ever was, it’s great to reflect and think about what makes sense to you.

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Monthly Giveaway - May 2022

Y to the U to the M. YUM. That’s the theme of our giveaway this May. So, in the spirit of cuddling up for the colder months and reaching for that comfort food, we wanted to fly on in with our … * pause for dramatic effect * … first-ever choc bar.

It’s aptly named the Brew Bar, and we’re giving ‘em away for free this May.

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Urban Brew Compostability

With eco-friendly technology continuing to develop over the past few years, we currently use an Industrially Compostable pod. This pod is made from 100% biomass resin, which is a mixture of plant-based products. It is Industrial Compostable certified to European standards (pending Australian certification) and take 90 days to break down, in a industrial composting facility. 

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Recipe: Protein Coffee (Proffee)

Ah, proffee. We can’t even say the word without visions of makin' a shake before morning jazzercise, guilt-free treats like bliss balls and ‘nice’ cream, and hour-long binges on TikTok. But funnily enough proffee is a lil’ more than just a flash-trend, and so we’re here to clear things up with this in-vogue beveragino.

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The Six Benefits of Our Brand-New Double Shot Pod!


We call it our Double Shot pod. Have you two met? In celebration of this delicious addition to our caffeine line-up, we thought we’d let you in on its six super-awesome benefits. The short version: we think this drop’s tops! Read on for more deets.

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Compostable Pods are poppin' up!

The. Day. Is. Here! Well, for us anyway, but that’s exactly what this little blog is about, Brew Crew. We’re officially launching our compostable pod, but it’s gonna take a bit of time for us to fully change over to 'em. If we could catch up for a quick five, grab a cuppa and check out our video; it'll get you up to speed on all the details.

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A Nespresso Coffee Pod Alternative


Into coffee, but not into the hefty prices? If you’re thinking of cheating on your current pods, we’ve broken down our comparison cuppas to Nespresso’s lineup.  

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A Starbucks Coffee Pod Alternative


Into Starbucks-style coffee, but want to try your luck with us? We break down our coffee comparison in this handy lil’ blog. 

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A L’OR Coffee Pod Alternative

Swap L’OR® Drop! Get the good word on our alternatives to L’or’s® coffee capsules.

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Introducing our Body Scrub!

There’s no SCRUBstitue for quality, folks. So, that’s why we took our sweet time in formulating our very fancy, very delicious coffee-choc body scrub. Here's how our body scrub, scrubs up.

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