To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re comin’ atcha with 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew!

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’re comin’ atcha with 4 reasons why we started Urban Brew!

Check this: it’s been 4 years since we started Urban Brew. Yes! 4 years. If you’ve been with us since day dot: thank you. If you’re brew… uh, I mean new: thank you, too! We’ve been waiting for you.

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6 reasons to switch to our Nespresso compatible pods!

If you're looking for Nespresso pods, Australia, we're giving you six reasons to make the switch to us.

Indecisive? Fatigued? Fatigued with indecision? Here are 6 key reasons why you should break up with your current coffee boo and try our brew.

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Monthly Giveaway - August 2021

Dust sucks! Give your vac an upgrade with our August giveaway. We’ve got a shiny Dyson Cyclone Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (valued at $900!) to give away this month.

Have you heard of the Dyson vacuum cleaner? They’re like the Apple of the cleaning world. If you haven’t, we recommend doing a Google. We’ll wait while their nifty technology and powerful gizmos blow you away. (Sorry about the pun), but we think you deserve a shiny spankin’ new vac, so you can kick back and relax.

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What’s new at urban brew!

Get the round-up on all the goodies we’ve added to our lineup 

Shiny new pods, delicious little add-ons to your order and scrumptious self-care treats. Read on for a lil’ list of all the new things we’ve got going on here at Urban Brew.

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You know us from our coffee, now know us from a bar of soap!

Scrub-a-dub-do! Hey Brew Crew, get all the deets on our eco-friendly, caffeinated bar, Urban Soap!

Scrubby yet softening, super scrumptious, but it’s soap (so don’t eat it!), and an all-round eco, sustainable superstar. Have you met our Urban Soap? If you haven’t, or you just need a recap on all the things that make it a bar above the rest, read on!

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Choc Beans: The duo that's all hero


Remember that story about a beanstalk? Jack, was it? Meh. Boring.

Let’s kick things up a notch with our delightful little choc beans. They’re great for munching on in-between cuppas and perfect at tackling those giant-sized cravings.

Better still, they don’t require selling off a cow or some fluffy fairytale twists to talk about - although they are very magical if I do say so myself.

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6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Cup

Coffee recipes to impress your friends and spoil yourself

Controversial opinion: change is good. Every now and then, it's good to try something different. Here at UB headquarters, we found ourselves almost bored of staring into the same plain ol' brew every day - we needed some spice in our life! And what better spice is there than feeling like you're the epitome of luxury without changing out of your pajamas? 

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