Fairtrade Coffee

Fairtrade Coffee

What is Fairtrade coffee and what are the benefits?

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages, adored by millions all over the world. As a coffee lover, you’ve probably heard the term “Fairtrade” before. We prefer to use Fairtrade coffee beans in our coffee pods – but what does it actually mean? If you’re interested to know, read on!


What is Fairtrade coffee?

Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Fairtrade was born in response to struggling Mexican coffee farmers and the collapse of world coffee prices in 1988. Basically, Fairtrade creates a fair and sustainable way for coffee farmers to trade and ensures that these farmers earn a higher minimum wage, even if the market price drops.

Everyone in the supply chain benefits from Fairtrade practices. Farmers are able to live a sustainable lifestyle, brands can offer quality products and consumers can put trust into the brands that they purchase – it’s a win-win for everyone!


Benefits on the environment

Fairtrade coffee farm

Buying Fairtrade coffee doesn’t just benefit people in the supply chain – it’s also kinder for the planet. Environmental protection is a priority and choosing Fairtrade products contributes to the reduction of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, high soil and water quality and decreasing deforestation.

If you purchase a product that isn’t Fairtrade certified, there is risk of water pollution, deforestation, use of GMOs and harmful pesticides and even potential forced/child labour. Sadly, non-Fairtrade workers have minimal rights and may be exposed to a harmful working environment.


Benefits on the workers

Fairtrade coffee farmers

As mentioned earlier, Fairtrade standards protects farmers and ensures that they are paid and treated fairly, regardless of what the market price is. Other benefits include safe working conditions, no discrimination, no forced/child labour, no harmful chemical use and health care/leave benefits being met or exceeded.

Fairtrade farmers and workers are also able to invest their Fairtrade premiums in social and business development projects, such as scholarship programs, healthcare services and quality improvement training to care for the land and the environment.


Benefits for you

Women drinking coffee

We use Fairtrade coffee because not only do you deserve the best, but so does everyone else involved in the production. Apart from having peace of mind knowing that the people behind your coffee are treated fairly, most coffee connoisseurs are confident that Fairtrade coffee tastes better too. Who wouldn’t want delicious, guilt-free coffee that is bursting with amazing health benefits? 


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