Meet our OG Brew Socks 

Meet our OG Brew Socks 

Urban Brew | Urban Brew Coffee SocksUrban Brew | Urban Brew Coffee Socks
Urban Brew | Urban Brew Coffee SocksUrban Brew | Urban Brew Coffee Socks

(If you’re short on time, read only what’s in bold)

Winter is here, and your tootsies are straight up chillin’. And not in a good way. No need to fret, you’re about to meet your newest feet companion (we mean that in a cutesy way, promise!).

Why brew socks? 

Have you ever dreamt of simply kicking up your feet and instantly having a coffee brought to you? That’s exactly how it’ll be for you once you invest in the finest pair of socks to hit your sock drawer. Not only are cups of coffee and lil coffee beans sprinkled all over these socks - but if you simply kick your feet up, your butler will know exactly where to bring that freshly brewed cuppa with a conveniently placed sign.

No butler? No worries. Someone will bring you a coffee when you wear these socks, and that’s our guarantee. Kind of.

How to enjoy our brew socks…

Treat your tootsies everywhere! On a plane. At a concert. On the beach. Anywhere your tootsies can go, your Brew Socks are right there with you. 

Who are our brew socks perfect for? 

Your mum, your aunty, the kids, Jan from down the road. These socks look rockin’ on everyone! These cheeky toe covers are made from a cotton, nylon and elastane blend, and one size fits most (unless you’re Bigfoot’s long-lost brother).

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