Brand New: Salted Caramel Syrup

Brand New: Salted Caramel Syrup

Sweet, Sweet Syrup: Coffee Connoisseur-approved!

At Urban Brew, we know that coffee connoisseurs are the pinnacle of society. But we have something that even the snobbiest of coffee consumers can get around!

We are here to rock your world (or.. rock your coffee) with our brand spanking new Salted Caramel Syrup from Tasteology. Imagine a caramelised sugar aroma with delicious hints of creaminess. That rich caramel taste that we all know and love, combined with the slightest sprinkle of salt. Sounds good, right? The result is a to-die-for sweet and salty flavour that’ll knock your socks off every time! A salty sprinkle so good it knocks Salt Bae outta the park! Yeah … we went there!

If all of the fanciful flavours aren’t enough to convince you, perhaps the bottle itself will win you over! The bottle is designed to look dapper featured on your bar cart, or on your coffee shelf! That’s right - this syrup even goes well in a cocktail! Baileys, fresh pod espresso and a dash of Salted Caramel syrup.. A blend so good it’ll leave Homer Simpson moaning “Mmm…”

Why salted caramel?

We wanted something that would compliment the coffee flavour, rather than steal the show from the brew goodness. Caramel was too sweet, Roasted Hazelnut was too .. well … nutty, but Salted Caramel was just right! So perfect that even Goldilocks would’ve approved!

But boy oh boy, this Salted Caramel drop is what dreams are made of. And we want to make your dreams come true!

How to best enjoy the Salted Caramel syrup?

Although salted caramel lattes have stolen the show, we have a world of suggestions for how this syrup is best enjoyed! Think salted caramel hot choccie, salted caramel Baileys espresso martini, or even just drizzled over your favourite ice cream! The possibilities are endless!

There is no better way to enjoy this syrup than with your uggies on, curled up with a salted caramel latte while bingeing your favourite show!

Who is the Salted Caramel syrup perfect for?

Everyone! Whether you appreciate the sweeter or the saltier things in life, this is the syrup for you! Perfect for satisfying those self-proclaimed sweet tooths, or even for those looking to up their coffee game to the max.

Gimme 60 bottles RIGHT NOW!

Are you a non-subscriber?

Simply make your coffee order and find our Salted Caramel Syrup under our ‘Treats’ section before you check out.


Do you have a subscription with us?

You legend! Just log into your account before we finalise your order for the month, click ‘Edit Subscription’, skip to the ‘Treats’ section and add a Salted Caramel Syrup to your next order. DELISH!



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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist