Get to know: Our new Choc Hazelnut Energy Balls with Added Guarana

Get to know: Our new Choc Hazelnut Energy Balls with Added Guarana

Guess who’s back, back again

That’s right, Brew Crew! After all the hype around our insane giveaway last month, we thought we’d spoil you even more and add our Choc Hazelnut Energy Balls to our ‘Treats’ section. They made their way into your hearts, and now you can add a million to your carts!

So, why energy balls?

To put it simply - why not? To make it a lil’ more complex - we like the hit of our brew, but we also like efficiency. One bite and you’re as caffeinated as the Friends cast at Central Perk; cheers to that, Guarana! We won’t be on a break from these Energy Balls though, sorry Ross.

Delicious, nutritious and ✨ Fergalicious ✨ bite-sized bursts of energy built to boost ya to the same level as a standard cuppa? Hell to the yeah!

Jam-packed with crunchy hazelnut, cacao nibs, dates for a lil sweetness, and most importantly - Guarana.

So, what is Guarana?

Ahh Guarana. Apple of my eye? More like Guarana of my eye. We think we’re a match made in heaven.

Guarana is a natural plant whose seeds provide the same amount of caffeine as your morning Urban Brew. That’s right - one bite and you’ve got the same hit as your fave pod. Cheers to that! You’ll be making like Road Runner in no time after a ball (or six).

Who are the Energy Balls perfect for?

Our Energy Balls are perfect for people looking to speed-up time and be more efficient, without guzzling a bajillion cuppas a day. Sorry Doc, no need for time travel, we’ve got Urban Brew Energy Balls.

A healthy alternative to your millionth cuppa; putting an end to that dreaded 3pm slump and maintaining the same diet as Bae-worthy Zac Efron - a gluten free and vegan diet never looked so good! 

Now dab up that drool and get ya mitts on our Energy Balls!

Are you a non-subscriber?

Simply make your coffee order and find our Energy Balls under the 'Treats' section before you check out!


Do you have a subscription with us?

You legend! Just log into your account before we finalise your order for the month, click ‘Edit Subscription’, skip to the ‘Treats’ section and add our Energy Balls to your next order. DELISH!



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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist