This just in: limited edition Choc Mint Pods

This just in: limited edition Choc Mint Pods

The choc to your mint has arrived - let the choc mint party begin!

[If you're short on time, read only what's in bold]

They say that some flavour combos are simply MINT to be - and we couldn’t be more sure that Choc Mint is hanging out right at the top of that list! The most dreamy combination of aromatic mint enhances the flavour of a rich and creamy sampling of chocolate. A duo almost as powerful (and dangerous) as Bonnie and Clyde!

We’re launching this limited edition goodie just in time for the colder months to hit - ready to help you conquer the season of blankets and Netflix binges. For ultimate sipping satisfaction, we totes recommend cuddling up to your loved ones (or your loved animals) on the couch with a cuppa steamy Choc Mint.

Now that we’ve put it out into the interwebs, you’re left with one question: to choc mint, or to choc mint?

Why Choc Mint pods?

Well, we felt that our Treats section deserved an ever-so-minty spruce up, and with Winter weather on the horizon, there’s no better time for Choc Mint pods than the present. A limited edition exclusive product also furthers that true Brew Crew VIP experience - so really, we’re just here to spoil you every step of the way!

How to best enjoy my choc mint pods?

As the clouds fill the sky and the layers upon layers make their way out of your wardrobe and onto your body - we think the best way for our Choc Mint pods to be enjoyed is by being extracted as a short shot, with a pour of frothed, hot milk. However, when the sun comes out and the scent of Summer fills the air, we won’t deny a bitta ice and cold milk with our Choc Mint pod!

Who is the choc mint pods perfect for?

You. Your kids. Your Aunty. The mail man. Pete from down the road. Our limited edition Choc Mint pods are perfect for everyone. That creamy chocolate flavour, with a subtle chaser of mint is sure to leave everyone in your street drooling.

Sorry K-Fee® & Caffitally® crew - these bad boys are for Nespresso® Original Line machines only!

Gimme 50 packets. Stat!

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Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

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