The truth behind Nespresso compatible coffee pods

The truth behind Nespresso compatible coffee pods

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Let’s face it - coffee is a massive part of most Aussies' daily routines. More and more people have been turning to at-home solutions for their caffeination and have indulged in a new-found convenience in what we’re calling a coffee pod revolution!

So, what’s the deal with compatible coffee pods?

You’re probably overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to compatible coffee pods. All of the options on the market are different; different shapes, different extractions; and essentially a different cup of coffee with every brand that you try. Some are better, and some are worse; but it’s all based on personal preference. 

You’ve probably tried compatible pods in the past, or been too scared to because Nespresso warns you to steer clear if you plan on not having a broken machine - but we want to breakdown why they’re not all that bad! 

If you’re seeking a stronger, more flavoursome, or more eco-friendly alternative to traditional Nespresso pods (these are among a long list of boxes to tick) then you may find yourself researching compatible coffee pods. Our best advice is to not assume that they’re all the same. Taste is so subjective, especially when it comes to coffee pods. If one brand or intensity doesn’t work for you, maybe another one will be just right (heyo there Goldilocks). 

 What separates Urban Brew’s compatible coffee pods from the others?

We put hours upon hours into testing our own pods and the pods of our competitors so that we can ensure that above all else, we’re delivering you the best cup of coffee possible. In this process, we test everything from extraction time, to the pressure going through the pods and we measure how much coffee is being transferred into your cup.

Nespresso use scare tactics to convince you not to use compatible coffee pods due to the fear of them breaking your machine or voiding your warranty - but that’s all they are: scare tactics! We guarantee total compatibility with all Nespresso Original Line machines; if we break it, we fix it; but there’s very little a pod could do to ruin the mechanics of your machine. 

Although we may not be the right fit for you, there’s so many options for other compatible pods that you won’t struggle to find one that is the complete right fit for you.


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