Toby’s Finance Hack

Toby’s Finance Hack

How Our Founder Manages His Personal Finances

Again, this is just my personal experience, and I know it might sound too simple or be underwhelming for you at first, but for me, it really worked. If you want more, I actually have a whole podcast episode on this, which you can check out HERE.

Finances. Better than that: personal finances. Sounds like a fun topic, huh. But it really is!

If you didn’t know, I moved outta home at 17, and if anyone can relate to that, moving out of home really does force you to grow up. Funnily enough, managing your finances is a real grown-up thing to do.

Now, I want to be clear. I have failed time and time again when it comes to money, but there’s something I learned, it’s that from failure, we can learn and clean up our finances.


When I started out learning how to manage my finances, I developed an envelope trick. I got paid in cash at the time (I know, what a time to be alive), and I split all the buckets of my life that had expenses going out, and I dropped cash into each of these envelopes. The real trick here was I didn’t allow the cash to move into another envelope: if money was all gone in one, then that was it.

As time went on, I tried all different software and tools and stuff like that, but eventually, I got over having to enter every transaction manually. So more recently, I’ve tried apps like Pocketsmith and Money Brilliant to track my spending; however, these apps still fell short on customisation and forecasting my spending. In short, I wanted more flexibility.


About three years ago, I created my own personal budgeting tool (trust me, it’s not as fancy as you'll see in a sec). I really thought back on the envelope trick I did as a teenager starting out, and I wanted to create a more grown-up/digital version of that. And so – no drum rolls necessary – I ended up using Excel. There are just some things you can’t beat, and Excel really worked for me. Nowadays, I’ve upgraded Excel to Google Sheets, and it’s still working like a charm.


I’ve created a template version of the Google Sheets spreadsheet I now use for you, along with the following video that will explain everything in more detail. My hope is you try it out and get some value for it!

Grab the Personal Budget Template HERE, and click below to watch the video.

(FYI, the Personal Budget Template is just that, a template. Once you’ve opened the link, you’ll want to click ‘File’ and then ‘Make a copy’ and save it somewhere handy.)



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Be happy,

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