Toby’s Fasting Hack

Toby’s Fasting Hack

Intermittent fasting 101

Interested in intermittent fasting or fasting for weight loss? I break down my experience, tips, tricks, insights and learnings with my fasting life hack!

Hey hey! Thanks so much for being here for another life hack. I’m keen to share with you the little experiment I’ve made around intermittent fasting and share the knowledge I’ve collected. From dealing with hanger, to how I tested it all out, and my total mind shift during the process, grab a cuppa (have it black if you’re out of your eating window ????) and let’s chat!

In this video, I’ll share with you why I got into intermittent fasting, how I dealt with hunger pains, my diet, how intermittent fasting looks for me now, the learnings I made, and the surprising benefits I didn’t see coming!


I’d love to chat and connect with you over this, so reply below on this blog, or head to our Facebook post relating to this – I’ll be jumping in to hear your experience and share whatever else I can that adds value for you.

Thanks again for watching, and I hope you got something out of it!


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