Toby's Difficult Times Hack

Toby's Difficult Times Hack

Life comes in waves. We can’t predict or control the waves, but we can definitely learn to surf. Sometimes the waves are steady and calm, but other times they rock the boat so much that they cause a tsunami of life.

Urban Brew | Toby's difficult times hackUrban Brew | Toby's difficult times hack

Reflection on my tough times

When the difficult times come, they all come at once - or at least in my experience. Recently, it has felt like my ‘tough time’ allowance has decided to smack me all at once. From getting the Keto flu, to then breaking my knee at the skatepark with my son; it’s all hit me like a bus. But, despite it being such a messy, horrible month, I decided to take advantage of this time and reinvent the way that I would normally view this time in my life. 

Well, first let’s break down why headspace matters. It all came down to establishing how I could turn the disadvantage into an advantage. I was couch-ridden and unable to walk, but I knew that I had to make the most of this forced time of stillness. In all negative experiences, it’s important to find something positive that you’re able to take away and learn from. As the saying goes; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade; or in this case, when life deals you tough times, shake it up with some positive vibes!

So, how do you create positive thoughts?

The simple reality of it all is that hard times don’t last forever. 

Okay, stay with me on this one. It might seem as though it’s the end of the world in the moment, but it’s so important to recognise the opportunity in a bad situation, and follow through with positive coping strategies.

From my experience, this comes with using big focus points that will provide you with distractions from the tough times, and allow you to create some magic out of a bad situation. Even when you’re down in the dumps, combatting those bad vibes with a good headspace is a sure way to beat the negativity! The storm will pass eventually, but you’re only as strong as your mind! Create success on a daily basis by recognising that things can always be worse, and by making those situations better.

Want to know more?

In the middle of my tough time, I turned to TikTok and decided I would focus on how I could turn this into something that could benefit myself in the marketing world. I discuss this and all of my other coping strategies (including how cold showers can improve your life) on this episode of my podcast: give it a listen HERE.


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Be happy,

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