Toby’s Motivation Hack

Toby’s Motivation Hack

Find out the reasons why I don’t believe in motivation

Urban Brew | Toby's life hack: MotivationUrban Brew | Toby's life hack: Motivation

Motivation. Yep. We’re going there. So much of the hustle/go-get-it/productivity culture is saturated with this idea of needing to be motivated; but funnily enough, I’m not about that. So here I am chatting about why I don’t believe in motivation. 


The main reason why I don’t believe in taking action from motivation is because it’s a feeling, and feelings are fleeting. Have you ever started working on something and felt like you’re on fire, to only have it fizzle out days or even hours later? Yep, that’s motivation leaving the building. This is why I don’t count on it being there, and I don’t wait for it to show up to do stuff.


You’re probably not going to like it. I calendar everything I want/need/have to get done in 15-minute increments and combine this with a tool called Asana. Asana is where my to-do list lives, plus my power list. Each day, I pick one-to-two things from my long to-do list that’s going to be the most effective for me and I do them. Sounds simple but it really isn’t … especially when you’re not motivated.

Now, here’s the trick: I put these one or two things from my power list onto my calendar. I decide the amount of time that I’m going to get it done in, and I do ‘em. These three things are truly my secret to getting things done versus relying on motivation.

Calendaring + Asana + Powerlist = BOOM.


This is just as powerful as the first, but you could easily overlook it; I changed the way I thought about motivation. If motivation is an emotion, then it’s pretty likely that we all experience it every now and again. This got me thinking that everyone else must also experience that feeling of not being motivated or that flat kinda feeling you get when you wanna be motivated, but your brain’s not cooperating. You see, reframing like that made it easier for me to make peace with the fact that I wasn’t motivated and allowed me almost a space or breather from it.

I also realised that our brains are designed to do the easy thing. So, when I'm not really feeling it, I start with something simple like burning through my emails or if I'm working on a pretty big project, I just break it down and start with one small thing from that project. I know it sounds super simple, but it really works for me!


Stay with me here: it’s doing that creates motivation. Motivation doesn’t just show up: you have to get the gears in motion first. Sure, sometimes motivation might pop up unannounced (and that’s amazing when it does), but if it’s a no-show, we usually get motivated by proving to our brain that we can be motivated. We do this by taking action before motivation has shown up.

There you go! I really hope you got some value out of this, and before you know it, you’ll be in the zone. If you want more on this, I actually have a whole podcast on this entire topic, which you can check out HERE.

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