The Six Benefits of Our Brand-New Double Shot Pod!

The Six Benefits of Our Brand-New Double Shot Pod!


We call it our Double Shot pod. Have you two met? In celebration of this delicious new addition to our caffeine line-up, we thought we’d let you in on its six super-awesome benefits. The short version: we think this drop’s tops! Read on for more deets.



It’s hard to come up with reasons NOT to get stuff done when you're pepped up on an extra dose of caffeine. Now, we know what you may be thinking: does the Double Shot have TWICE the amount of coffee? And the quick answer is no. The easy reason why is because, in order to double the amount of coffee, we’d literally need to double the pod. This is a commonly overlooked mistake by all of us. So, a solution to this is to either extract two pods… or down a Double Shot!

Our Double Shot features double the amount of caffeine (versus) coffee. We boost the caffeine in our pod by using coffee beans infused with guarana in our insanely strong #16 blend. It’s genius if you ask us!

Each Double Shot pod boasts a bangin’ 155 mg of caffeine per pod (when compared to our other blends), making it harder for you to give yourself reasons NOT to get stuff done. Wanna know more? You can check out our coffee caffeine breakdown HERE.



Need to whiz around at superhero speed? Got a to-do list a mile long? Double Shot will save the day. Forget yawning or fatigue: this powerhouse pod is packed with two times the type of caffeine (the caffeine from the coffee PLUS the caffeine from the guarana). If you didn’t know, caffeine works to stimulate the central nervous system, which basically is just a fancy way of saying that it helps to give you a buzz. Cue another plug for the naturally guarana-infused beans packed into Double Shot. You better bean-lieve it!

Also, want a quick lil’ hack? Get the most out of your caffeine by delaying when you drink your first cuppa! Some productivity geeks who used to work at Google discovered that your body has an inbuilt ‘wake up’ setting. So, to make the most of your morning brew, they recommended drinking coffee between 10 am and 2 pm to get an extra boost. (This is when our body is lower in cortisol). Get more info on that HERE, or just give it a whirl and see how you go. Everyone is different - some people can drink coffee right before they go to bed and sleep soundlessly, and others can’t drink caffeine past midday, so figure out what’s the best way for you to stay buzzed, we say, and you do (your) brew, boo!



We probably don’t need to tell you that caffeine helps you focus, but we’re going to anyway. Coffee is the stuff of the Gods because it helps things magically turn from unfinished to ticked off. There’s something about sipping away on a coffee and knowing that you’ll finish your task at the end of your cuppa. But, do you still struggle to get stuff done? Here’s a full-proof trick to hack back your focus.

The next time you have something you need to do, set aside an hour, grab a pen and paper and pop a timer on for fifty minutes. Now, get to work. FOCUS. Distractions away, phone away - all the things. Then, when your brain reminds you of that call to make or to pick that thing up from Coles or the email you need to respond to, note them all down. Tell your brain, ‘Hey, I hear you, and we’ve given ourselves ten minutes at the end of this focus time to manage all of what you’re trying to distract me with.’ Then, at the end of that fifty minutes, look at the distraction list you’ve compiled, and tick -  it - off! BOOM.

Our brains love to be heard and recognised, and although we’re no psychologists, there’s something really stressful about not acknowledging a reminder to check something or do something else when we’re focusing. We think this technique (and the promise to your brain that you’ll do it and the end of your focus time) is genius.



A perky plus side of our Double Shot is that guarana is brimming with antioxidants. It also includes some smancy other things like theobromine, saponins and catechins. If you didn’t know, guarana is a fruit and contains similar properties to that of green tea, so essentially you’re doing your body a solid when sipping on our Double Shot. Back to antioxidants, though, the benefits of these are three-fold: antioxidants are thought to help strengthen your bodyprotect your heart and combat nasties. How’s that!



Speaking of nasties, we think this is one of our favourite things about our Double Shot pod. Now, we don’t wanna say we’re completely against energy drinks - they have their place, and we’re totally cool with anyone who wants to drink ‘em. But, if you’re looking for an alternative to some of the pretty crazy things they put into those cans, we recommend grabbing a pack of our Double Shot pods and taking ‘em for a spin. Combining guarana with coffee beans is perfect for those who just want one cup of coffee. Better yet, you bypass all those unnatural additives that can be found in energy drinks. The quick version: you do you, and if you want to switch up what you drink, you don’t need to think twice. Just think DOUBLE.



Let’s cut that coffee-making time in half. Gone are the days when you need to go for a second or even third cuppa. One cup is all you need with Double Shot. Drink it quick or sip it slowly - having double the amount of caffeine when compared to a standard coffee pod means you don’t need to drink as many cups (well, that is if you want to actually fall asleep at night!). Our Double Shot is perfect for folks who want something quick and effective on the go. One pod is all you need, but let us tell you, for one pod, it has heaps of benefits. 


So, there you have it. Thanks for sticking around for the six benefits of our Double Shot pod. Now, we hope you grab a cup of coffee and smash out whatever it is you need to get done. I believe in youcoffee believes in you, and all that’s left is for you to believe in you.


Are you ready to tackle that to-do list?


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Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

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