Single-use coffee pods have surprising environmental benefits

While convenient and popular, single-use coffee pods are viewed by many as an environmental nightmare. But despite the piles of discarded capsules this brewing method leaves behind, it might not be as terrible for the planet as you think.

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Urban Brew Compostability

With eco-friendly technology continuing to develop over the past few years, we currently use an Industrially Compostable pod. This pod is made from 100% biomass resin, which is a mixture of plant-based products. It is Industrial Compostable certified to European standards (pending Australian certification) and take 90 days to break down, in a industrial composting facility. 

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How to dispose of our compostable pods

For how to dispose our compostable pods and their packaging see our indepth blog here. 

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Compostable and Biodegradable Coffee Pods - What's The Difference

There is some confusion and misinformation about what compostable means, so I’ve put together this blog to compare our new compostable pods with our old oxo-biodegradable ones.

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How to Recycle Aluminium Coffee Pods

Ever wondered how to recycle aluminium coffee pods?

This just in: you have quite a few Qs about aluminium pods. Why we don’t use ‘em, how the stats on recycling aluminium coffee pods is actually lower than you think, and just about everything else!

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