How these tasty little choc waffle cups came to be

How these tasty little choc waffle cups came to be

As you probably know by now, we offer free edible chocolate waffle cups… we’ve called these little babies the Waffle Cups and you can get your hands on one for only $3.00! But what you don’t know is how incredibly challenging it has been to create these little tasty chocolate coffee cups of joy for your tasting pleasure!

The concept is by no means original, there have been various forms of these cups around for years. The first time I was introduced to the concept was around 5 years ago when I saw a Cookie Cup made in Europe. This absolutely blew my mind and I wanted to create something similar for our customers immediately when I saw it, but I could not find anyone in Australia who could make these for us except for boutique pastry chefs who were quoting jaw dropping costs for this. 

 One of the main problems was that in Europe coffee is only served with milk around 5% of the time, the complete opposite of Australia where coffee is served with milk 95% of time. This meant our cups had to be much larger to fit in milk which blew the cost of the Cookie Cups out of the water. So, as happens with many entrepreneurs, I had 20 other ideas to pursue which seemed easier and this idea got shelved.

It wasn’t until I started working on Urban Brew that I blew the dust off this old favourite. I was writing down our core values and when I got to ‘deliver happiness, not just a product’, this really got me thinking. My belief is that coffee enhances moments and what I wanted to do with Urban Brew was take this concept and apply it to the entire customer experience start to finish – enhance the ordering process with a fun website; enhance the product itself with biodegradable coffee pods; enhance customer service by encouraging phone calls (not hiding the phone number like many other frustrating websites!) etc.

But what I got stuck on was how we could further enhance the most important moment of all …  The coffee drinking moment. Then it hit me while in the shower one morning (trusty shower – where so many great ideas are formed) about how we could deliver happiness with every order… The choc waffle coffee cup! So, I’m back to where I was 5 years ago with an idea but no way to actually make it a reality. But this time, I’m 100x more determined to make it work! I started searching and noticed on Instagram that a bit of a craze had developed recently for coffee being served in chocolate coated ice cream cones. The pictures looked amazing, but everyone knows how difficult ice cream cones are to manage. Once you have it in your hand it’s awkward and you can’t put it down anywhere. Not so bad when you are scoffing down an ice-cream, but less than ideal if you want to enjoy a coffee while you relax.

After receiving jaw dropping quotes once again for the waffle cups to be coated with chocolate, I knew then and there I had to become a chocolate tempering professional myself. Not something I wanted to add to my resume, but it would be the only way to make this project feasible… and by gosh my first few attempts were complete disasters! Lucky for you that for the past 6 months while many of my friends have been out enjoying themselves on the weekend, I have been home tempering chocolate, over-sampling my creations… and sadly putting on weight in the process. Finding time for this on top of working 60-70 hour weeks has not been easy, but it has been worth it to know I’m delivering happiness with every order and enhancing that coffee drinking moment even more!

Now all that is left to do is for you to enjoy these tasty little creations and for me to go back to the gym and lose all the extra weight I put on learning how to make them. Enjoy!


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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist