Stop curdling in your coffee

Stop curdling in your coffee

Two fool-proof ways you can stop your alternative milk from acting up

Urban Brew | Perfect coffee without curdlesUrban Brew | Perfect coffee without curdles

Ah, alternative milk. From oats to the almonds, there seems to be no limit to how many different things milk can be made from nowadays. But whilst the lack of lactose definitely sits better in our tummies, it can sometimes be a pain when we're making a coffee and our milky companion doesn't behave the way we want it to. You know what we're talking about; we mean curdling.

What is curdling?

Coffee with milk curdlingCoffee with milk curdling

Curdling is what happens when we see the alternative milk seperate and rise to the top of your coffee. It is the easiest to see with milk such as soy but can happen with other dairy-free options as well. The curdling occurs because some coffee varieties are more acidic than the milk and act as a coagulant; this changes the proteins in the liquid into a semi-solid state. Kinda gross, right?

So, how do I stop it?

Well, because curdling mostly occurs due to the temperature or acidity of the coffee, there are a couple of things you can try:

  1. Change up your coffee. If the blend you're drinking is too acidic, then swapping to something with a little more body will solve that problem lickity-split. For example, if you're sitting on something like our #8, then upgrading to our #10 or #12 will not only stop that milk from curdling, but it will also make for a stronger cuppa.
  2. Cool off. We don't mean for you to calm down, though. Simply just let your shot of coffee sit for an extra minute or two to cool down before you add your milk. This will help the blending process between the milk and the shot.

And that's it! Give those two handy hints a try and you'll be sure to enjoy a curdle-free cuppa in no time.

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