All About Our Rcup

All About Our Rcup

Our Rcup’s for keeps

When it came to offering up a reusable cup to all you caffeine addicts out there, we didn’t just want to keep up  with the usual cups out there. We wanted to do something different… and so we introduce to you the Rcup cup

Our takeaway coffee cup is made from recycled coffee cups. Yep, that’s right! Just imagine Rcup eating all the takeaway coffees out there and morphing into your very own cup to reuse again and again. We think it’s genius if you ask us.

Not a fun fact: The world uses around 16 billion disposable paper cups per year. Yeah, that’s billion. But when you get an Rcup, you’re helping out and saving the planet one coffee at a time. Because you give a cup, don’t you!

Plus, this bad boy has some super-nifty benefits. The first is you don’t have to scald yourself from drinking through a tiny lil’ spout. With Rcup, you get 360-degree sippin’! Simply press the lid to secure, wait for the *pop* sound, and sip from anywhere. Rcup’s also totally leakproof and boasts an outer thermal insulation layer to keep your coffee hot, hot, hot!

There you have it. Have your latte and reduce landfill with our quirky on-the-go reusable cup. They’re sleek and sustainable, easy-to-use and simple to sip from. What more could you ask for?

Ready for those feel-good refills? 


For non-subscribers:

Click the button below to top up on your coffee stash and find our Rcup under the 'Treats' section. 

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For subscribers:

Click the button to log into your account before we finalise your order for the month, click ‘Edit Subscription’, skip to ‘Treats’ and add an Rcup to your order. 

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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist