Recipe: Protein Coffee (Proffee)

Recipe: Protein Coffee (Proffee)

Bulking never tasted better with our twist on this TikTok trend.

Ah, proffee. We can’t even say the word without visions of makin' a shake before morning jazzercise, guilt-free treats like bliss balls and ‘nice’ cream, and hour-long binges on TikTok. But funnily enough proffee is a lil’ more than just a flash-trend, and so we’re here to clear things up with this in-vogue beveragino.


“Proffee” is a cute name given to protein coffee. We can’t take credit for it, but we wish we could. When it comes to defining proffee, it’s exactly as it sounds: protein powder and coffee. This lil’ pocket rocket is trending like hotcakes on the Tik of the Toks and boomed when people realised how delicious and good for you it was.

But is it actually good for you? Well, if you’re hanging out for a sugary latte with all the trimmings (think syrups, sprinkles and whipped cream) and wanna settle for something healthier, then yes, having a proffee is a good choice. Also, if you’re trying to pack some more protein into your diet, then this could be your answer!


Our in-house coffee addicts (staff), who also like packin’ in some protein wherever they can, whipped up their own recipe to share with you. It’s actually delish if I do say so myself!

Urban Brew Proffee Recipe


  • Your trusty Urban Brew pod of choice (two if you’re really looking for a hit)
  • 1 heaped tablespoon protein powder of choice. Vanilla or Choc is awesome. We used Keep It Cleaner’s Plant Based Protein Powder Vanilla. It’s made with pumpkin seeds, but it smells and tastes like vanilla cake.
  • 1 cup milk of choice (chilled)
  • Handful ice
  • Optional: drizzle of honey

You’ll need

  • A glass
  • Blender
  • A cheery disposition


Extract coffee and add to blender. Add protein powder, milk, ice and blend. (If you’re adding honey, blend your batch once or twice, drizzle in the honey and then continue to blitz; this stops the honey from sticking to the sides.) Depending on your blender, it might be useful to pulse it in short bursts to begin, then blitz up for up to twenty seconds or until smooth. If you used vanilla powder, dust with a lil’ cinnamon. If you used chocolate powder, dust with a lil’ cocoa powder. And you’re done!

No sweat towel or cardio needed, Brew Crew! Just a lil’ protein-packed pep in your step. Our proffee is icy, nicey and kinda ticks all the boxes: gym junkie, sweet tooth and anyone in desperate need of caffeination. Surely all of us fit into one of those categories?

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