The Perfect Mocha Recipe

The Perfect Mocha Recipe

Chocolate and coffee combine for the ultimate hug-in-a-mug

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No barista skills necessary with this perfect recipe for the cappuccino’s super sweet (and slightly childish…) friend: the Mocha!

Sometimes called a Mocha Latte, a Mocha is essentially a chocolate latte. The best of both worlds come together to create a dream come true - and we’ve got the perfect recipe for this using pods from our range.

Now, you may be wondering “why don’t they just make a mocha pod and save us the time it takes to read this blog?” well - we’re here to explain why that is. To create a concoction of equal parts chocolate and coffee in one tiny lil pod would produce a bitter and flavourless brew - the pods simply aren’t big enough to hit that perfect mocha balance! 

So, that’s why we’ve concocted a recipe for the perfect mocha using our Coffee Pods and Chocolate Pods! Find out for yourself just how good this brew is *


  • ½ cup frothed or fresh milk
  • 30-40mls coffee from pod (whatever Intensity floats your coffee boat: we recommend Intensity 10, 12 or 14)
  • 30-40mls chocolate from pod
  • Cocoa for sprinkling on top


1. Extract a chocolate pod and a coffee pod each on the short shot into your cutest mug!

2. In the meantime, froth your milk for a hot Mocha or prep some cold milk ready for an iced Mocha.

3. Add your milk into your pre-extracted mug - wham, bam, thank you ma’am! Add a dash of ice and freshly whipped cream if you’re making an Iced Mocha. 

4. Hot or cold: sprinkle some dreamy cocoa right on top.

5. Well, there’s nothing left to do except enjoy! 

More of a visual learner (or need somewhere to direct your pool o’ drool…)? Check out this video for a step-by-step of our perfect Mocha recipe! 

If you give it a try, we’d love to see! Tag us @urbanbrewpods #UBmoment to share your mocha-tastic creation!


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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

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