Our Urban Brew Coffee Break Down

Our Urban Brew Coffee Break Down

There’s a bit of mystery behind our coffee pods. You may be confused about what makes each intensity different, or you’re just curious to learn more about our coffee, which is great! Some common questions we receive include: What flavours will I experience from each intensity? How much caffeine is in each pod? Where do your beans come from? Wonder no more, because I’m going to spill the beans below!

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Our Fairtrade coffee beans begin their precious life in the best coffee growing regions all around the world, including South America, Honduras, India and Mexico. Here they are well looked after and raised until they are ready to leave their nests and continue to the next chapter in their life with us in Adelaide. Once they’ve arrived, our expert coffee roaster Sven greets them and carefully inspects them to ensure each bean is high quality before he roasts them, ensuring that each batch has the perfect flavour profile.


Tasting Notes

We use a specially crafted blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans in our recipes. Our Arabica coffee beans have a sweet and medium-bodied profile and are bursting with a fruity sweetness, mellow acidity and have a slight nutty undertone. As our intensities increase we begin blending Robusta coffee beans with our Arabica to create a full-bodied profile. This enhances the nutty characteristics and reduces the acidity.

Urban Brew Mind-blowing Intense #14 Nespresso Compatible pods


Mind-blowing intense #14

Roast: Very Very Dark Roast

Caffeine: approx. 90mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: Our darkest, most mind-blowing intensity EVER! This coffee has been deeply roasted to create a bold and heavy body. We selected the beans specifically to give a low-acidity profile and a strong lasting aftertaste, without a bitterness finish.

Urban Brew Very Intense #12 Nespresso Compatible pods


Very Intense #12

Roast: Very Dark Roast

Caffeine: approx. 85mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: This intense combination that has been carefully roasted to create a strong blend of coffee. Experience a very intense, full-bodied coffee with a Robust and nutty flavour and a bold aroma with a long-lasting aftertaste. For those after a serious caffeine hit, this is the one for you.

Urban Brew Very Intense #10 Nespresso Compatible pods


Intense #10

Roast: Very Dark Roast

Caffeine: approx. 80mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: Still a dark roasted blend, our Intense has a strong body. There is a balanced profile of fruity and nutty flavours with a long-lasting aftertaste. Strong, delicious and perfect to cut through milk, the Intense is the perfect all-rounder coffee.

Urban Brew Very Intense #8 Nespresso Compatible pods


Strong #8

Roast: Dark Roast

Caffeine: approx. 75mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: A well rounded dark roast blended with plenty of fruity flavours and a medium body. This intensity combines a mild acidity with a balanced sweetness, leaving you with a pleasurable aftertaste that lingers long after you’ve taken your last sip.

Urban Brew Very Intense #6 Nespresso Compatible pods


Medium #6

Roast: Medium/Dark Roast

Caffeine: approx. 70mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: Our lightest blend, this single origin coffee has a medium-dark roast and is bursting with delicious citrus tones. It’s medium-body and rich acidity leaves you with a clean and sweet aftertaste.

Urban Brew Decaf Nespresso Compatible pods



Roast: Medium/Dark Roast 

Caffeine: approx. 5mg per 40mL shot

Flavour notes: A delectable blend of fruity raisins and hints of nuts. Our decaf has a sweet, rounded acidity with a mild aftertaste. Smooth and rich, the flavours in our Decaf are on par with our other blends so you can still enjoy your coffee without the buzz.

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