Find out what’s up with our brand-new Waffle Cup!

Find out what’s up with our brand-new Waffle Cup!


Prepare those tastebuds - this one’s a cup (full) of flavour. We’ve gone and given our original Cuppa Choc a wonderful waffle upgrade. Why? Well, a few reasons!

The first is that while our OG Cuppa Choc was awesome, we had to import it from overseas. While that’s all well and good, we thought if we could find a local supplier, it’d be a win-win, and we did! Making the switch to an Aussie cup meant we could also take a look at improving an already amazing thing. And we think we’ve done just that.

 Here’s some new benefits

  1. The outer exterior is a waffle casing, making it fluffier, crunchier, and tastier. You’re welcome.
  2. The interior is coated in a silky-smooth dark chocolate casing, with extra chocolate in the middle, making it perfect for you to extract your pod directly into the cup.
  3. It’s proudly Aussie made and designed to munch up in a moment or two. Trust us: get your hands on our new waffle cup, and it won’t last long! An easy way to solve this is to just buy a bucket load.

What does it taste like? 

Our new and improved Waffle Cup tastes like a dark chocolate-dunked ice-cream cone with a side of crunch. It’s got texture, it’s got taste, and have it any which one: extract your pod directly into the cup, add a swirl of whipped cream or just eat it up straight!

How do I use it? 

Funny that. Here’s a handy-dandy lil’ GIF we prepared for you:

You can also check our video here (FYI, we use the original Cuppa Choc in the video).

How do I know if the Waffle Cup is perfect for me? 

If you like edible cups, tasty ways to enjoy your coffee or are just simply bored of your usual mug, the Waffle Cup is perfect for you. If you loved our OG Cuppa Choc, we hands down recommend our Waffle Cup - we didn’t think we could make a good thing even better, but apparently, we can!

How do I add this delicious insane invention to my next Urban Brew order?

Are you a non-subscriber? 

Simply make your coffee order and find our tasty Waffle Cup under our ‘Treats’ section before you check out.


Do you have a subscription with us? 

You legend! Just log into your account before we finalise your order for the month, click ‘Edit Subscription’, skip to the ‘Treats’ section and add a Waffle Cup (or ten) to your next order. DELISH!


Alright, that’s enough of me waffling on - go get a cup!



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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist