6 reasons to switch to our Nespresso compatible pods!

6 reasons to switch to our Nespresso compatible pods!

If you're looking for Nespresso pods, Australia, we're giving you six reasons to make the switch to us.

Indecisive? Fatigued? Fatigued with indecision? Here are 6 key reasons why you should break up with your current coffee boo and try our brew.

We feel you; you’ve got options. Your options have got options. Siri’s telling you one thing, Google’s telling you another, and you just want coffee that tastes like real coffee. So let’s hit the brakes and serve up 6 reasons why we think you should get your pod on with us!


Sure, you can have gross, watery coffee that tastes like liquid cardboard. Better still, you could go for instant coffee (if you can’t, tell we’re shuddering), or yes, you can get a coffee pod. But hey, facts are facts: not all pods are roasted the same. There’s a calculated science that goes into delicious pod coffee - there’s a reason why it took so long for pods to become a thing. So bag up bitter tasting pods, or come to us for guaranteed taste every single time. We pride ourselves on insane taste time and time again. If you’re not about what we offer, no stress; we offer a 100% happiness guarantee. That means you love your coffee or your cash back!


At Urban Brew, we like things to break down. And we’re not just talking about a good karaoke sesh; we’re talking about our product breaking down. The reality is aluminium coffee pods take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. As well as that, they need to be recycled in a special sort of way that ensures the gas the aluminium releases when its breaking down is safe. We pride ourselves on offering a solution to this: compostable pods! 90 days to break down in a industrial composting facility and 2-3 years in landfill or the alternative which is hundreds of years. The choice is yours.


We’re proudly Australian. We have been from day one, and we always will be. When you get your pods from us, you’re supporting real Aussies who wake up every day and go to work to help you wake up with your cuppa! We think it’s important to put our money where our values are, and we value homegrown goodness. So ditch the flakey, fakey imPODster counterparts out there in the coffee world. We’re not into pretend moustaches and hard-to-pronounce coffee variations; we’re just all in for honest, grouse coffee!


Much like being proudly Aussie, we love being a small business. Keeping it small (for now) means keepin’ it real. Staying local also keeps it humble, because we’re a small fish in a big, caffeinated pond. Call us the small fry in a pod pond!

But we love buying local (and small), and we think you would, too. So when you click to get your cuppa from us, just know that we’re a lil’ business with big dreams. We’re not a giant, crazy corporation with endless rows of workers tapping mindlessly into keyboards. We’re a tight-knit community that thrive off connection and coffee


This is really the sweet stuff. When you make the awesome choice to buy from us (we’re biased, but oh well!), you really get a win-win here. The first win is expertly blended coffee, and the second is it’s roasted freshly in Australia. What this means is that from the time between roasting, packing, ordering, shipping, and sipping are drastically cut down. Say you buy from an international company (or even a company here that roasts their coffee overseas), the more you wait, the more the taste of your cuppa is compromised. And that’s what really separates us from everyone else out there!


What would you rather? ‘Hi Valued Customer, you’ve reached Automated Coffee Co. Please select from the following options,’ or a real conversation with an actual person? The thing we probably love most about Urban Brew is we keep it real with real customer service. Amazing, hard-working legends make up our customer service team, and they’re here day in, day out to help out with whatever you need. So, you can best believe whether it’s a reply to an email, a phone call or a social post, we’re all about being animated, not automated.


And there you have it! 6 reasons why you should consider us. If we haven’t nailed it with these, we could throw in a huge, fluffy marketing campaign with overseas-sourced talent, airbrushing and fancy animations, but that’d go against everything we believe in. Right?

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Ready to make the switch?


Checkout our FAQs, send me an email at hello@urbanbrew.co or call us on 1800 875 495. We are happy to help!

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist