A Nespresso Coffee Pod Alternative

A Nespresso Coffee Pod Alternative


Into coffee, but not into the hefty prices? If you’re thinking of cheating on your current pods, we’ve broken down our comparison cuppas to Nespresso’s ®* lineup.

Urban Brew | Nespresso coffee pod alternativeUrban Brew | Nespresso coffee pod alternative

Switching coffee brands is like bungee jumping; it's scary, a little dangerous, and requires a lot of trust. You like what you like; we get it! But if you are looking for something to swap your daily espresso with that's a little more environmentally friendly and a little less international, you don't have to look any further than us. We've put together our alternatives to Nespresso's®* most popular blends to make swapping your drop a bit easier.

Read on (we cover from highest intensity to lowest) or scroll down to our handy comparison chart: the choice is yours!



The dark, long-roasted coffee of Nespresso's®* Napoli matches our Intensity 12 to perfection! If you’re looking for a bold, delicious cuppa that’s full of character, make the swap here!



Similar with Kazaar! Our #12’s pretty well-rounded, and similarly, if it’s a long luxurious roast you’re after, look no further than our Intensity #12. Double shot it for extra oomph, or even try out our #14 to completely blow your mind.



If it’s the woody, spicy and aromatic notes of the India blend you like: you guess it, Intensity #12 would be perfect for you! This flavour’s bold, strong, and here to caffeinate you for a good time and a long time! BOOM.



If you're a fan of the fruity flavours of Nespresso's®* Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano, you'll likely enjoy our #10 Intensity. With our very own intensity coming in to do its thing with a bold flavour and signature roast, this drop isn't just tasty; it's easier to say.



Vivo En Lungo! Swap this drop with our Intensity #10, and you’ll be belting ‘Urban Brew forever!’ in serenade from the rooftop in a big old song-and-dance number that’s right out of musical*.

* Song-and-dance number not actually guaranteed. Results may vary. Consult your karaoke practitioner before purchase.



Like dense, creamy coffee with notes of cocoa and a bold flavour? Give our #10 a whirl. It is bound to tantalise those tastebuds.



If you’re able to look past the lungo (long shot) option here, and it's flavour you're after, we recommend swapping your Fortissio Lungo for our #8 Intensity pod. Delightful when drunk black, pop one in your machine with a short shot and top up with hot water for a deliciously different drop.



If you’re on the hunt for a long roast time, thick body and slight caramelly notes (yes, caramelly isn’t a word, but we went there), then make the switch from Venezia to our Intensity #8. You’ll try it once and won’t go back!



On the flip side, our Intensity #8 can serve up as a substitute, if you’re on the lookout for a woody and cereal-noted blend. If Nespresso's®* Roma is your go-to, considering switching up your drop for our Intensity #8.



If you love wood-noted Indonesia blend, then why not consider trying our Intensity #8? This one’s scrumptious straight up, or delicious with a dash of milk!



Loving the Lungo of the Vivalto variety? Give our Intensity #6 ago. Now, you’ll notice our #6 is pretty versatile, but you’ll also notice that it’s designed strictly for the short shot! So only use the short shot for this one, folks.



As you know, our pods are short shot only. But, if you're willing to take a little extra step and top your coffee up with boiling water after pouring your shot, then swap your Linizio Lungo for our #6. With the same malt and cereal notes in the shot, you can add a splash of milk to really bring out those savoury nut and cereal flavours you enjoy in the Linizio.



Swap the fruity notes of Colombia for our Intensity #6! We recommend drinking this straight up to compare those sparkly acidic notes and a bright burst of red fruit notes that are often a characteristic of our Intensity #6 blend!



If it’s the sweet honey notes from this blend, we also recommend trying out our #6 blend here. You’ll notice that this blend, in particular, is pretty versatile and well-rounded when it comes to matchin’ flavour profiles!



Another fave from Nespresso®* that you can switch with ours. If you’re into the rich, fruity notes of their Ethiopia blend, our Intensity #6 is a pretty solid substitute!



Similarly with Capriccio. You’ll notice here that our #6 does the job for a few brews; it’s a pretty nifty number! If you want to give us a go, and love Capriccio, swap it with Intensity #6.



What about the sweet biscuit notes of Volluto? Yep, you guessed it. Our Intensity #6 with a good ol' Scotch Finger will do the trick!



And the final drop! If you’re after the light notes of Cosi, cosy on up with (yes again) our very well-rounded roast, Intensity #6. Take it for a spin, and you won’t turn back. Promise.

An Australian coffee pod alternative to Nespresso coffee, Australian NespressoAn Australian coffee pod alternative to Nespresso coffee, Australian Nespresso

So there you have it! Some of the best swaps we can offer for your current Nespresso®* pod. Please do note, though, that these are just rough comparisons and we can't promise that they'll taste exactly the same. After all, if all coffee tasted the same then what's the point in having different businesses and all the different ways to make coffee? If you have any questions or comments or think you can offer a better comparison between our pods and Nespresso's, please feel free to reach out!


Checkout our FAQs, send me an email at hello@urbanbrew.co, call us on 1800 875 495 or text us on 0408 030 947. We are happy to help!

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist