Monthly Giveaways

Monthly Giveaway - December 2022

So, the gist of Treatmas is that we spend the whole month of December dotin’ on you and spoilin’ you all that we can (AKA we spend the whole month dropping extra treats into your orders). Think; our totes rockin’ choc socks, our dreamy Brew candle, and our fan-fave choccie Brew Bars; slid into your orders: ALL. CHRISSY. LONG!

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Monthly Giveaway - November 2022

Just in time for the silly season and the dreaded Chrissy Day feast - we’ve got your newest kitchen sidekick! That’s right: during the month of November, one lucky Urban Brew customer will get their (oven) mitts on a 4.8L Artisan Stand Mixer and a $600 voucher for all the attachments your heart could desire!

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Monthly Giveaway - October 2022

We know that no Urban Brew party is complete without poppin’ some pods and gatherin’ around our beloved Brew Crew, so that’s exactly what we’ve decided to help you with! For the month of October, we’ll be selecting FIVE orders at random every single day to DOUBLE! 

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Monthly Giveaway - September 2022

Picture this: it’s 3pm. You’ve already guzzled a bajillion coffees and they just ain’t doin their thang anymore. You look at the clock. Your stomach rumbles. You’re overworked. You’re exhausted. You can’t go on … 

Enter … Urban Brew’s Choc Hazelnut Energy Balls

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Monthly Giveaway - August 2022

This August giveaway is worth blowing off the dust and treating yo’self to a brew-tifully clean home and an extra pod (or two)! And if the highlight of your 2022 is winning this Dyson - then clearly things are picking up (okay… we’ll stop now). 

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Monthly Giveaway - July 2022

Getting cold feet? We've got 180 pairs of our Hot Choc socks to give away this July!

It's winter and it's freezing. You've bundled up in your biggest jumper, there are 27 rugs on top of you and the heater is blasting like it's a speaker at an ACDC concert. But you can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Enter: our Hot Choc socks

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Monthly Giveaway - June 2022

Doing your taxes? Throw on an Ooodie! Need to cram for that exam? Do it in an Ooodie. Need to call up Gran and hear about the latest shenanigans going on at bingo? You get the gist; everything’s better in an Oodie. Legs eleven!

Oh, and best news yet: we’ve got not one but four Oodies vouches to give away this June. YEP! You got it.

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Monthly Giveaway - May 2022

Y to the U to the M. YUM. That’s the theme of our giveaway this May. So, in the spirit of cuddling up for the colder months and reaching for that comfort food, we wanted to fly on in with our … * pause for dramatic effect * … first-ever choc bar.

It’s aptly named the Brew Bar, and we’re giving ‘em away for free this May.

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Monthly Giveaway - April 2022

The Apple Watch tells the time, but its main function is to SAVE you time. From taking wireless control of your phone, sending you handy reminders and even helping you get your health in shape, we want you to win this insane invention this April.

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Monthly Giveaway - March 2022

Hold onto your spoons/forks/spatulas because this March, we’re giving one away. Uh-huh. You read right. One lucky Brew Crew member will snap up a trusty Thermomix® TM6, so they can chop, blend, mill, knead, mince, and sous vide until their heart’s content!

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