Monthly Giveaway - June 2022

Monthly Giveaway - June 2022

We’ve got 4 snuggly Ooodies to give away this June!

You’ve seen ‘em, you love ‘em, and now we’re finally giving ‘em away. We’re talking about Oodies, of course. Those snuggly sensations that have been takin’ TikTok by storm since, well, TikTok became a thing?

And while I’m not always up with the coolest social media app, I’m definitely up with the Oodie. I mean, c’mon, they just make everything better.

Doing your taxes? Throw on an Oodie! Need to cram for that exam? Do it in an Oodie. Need to call up Gran and hear about the latest shenanigans going on at bingo?  Chuck on an Oodie and join her for Bingo. Legs eleven!

Oh, and best news yet: we’ve got not one but four Oodies vouches to give away this June. YEP! You got it.

Want to know how to enter?

  1. Place an order of 6 or more packs (60 pods) between June 1 and June 30 to be eligible. Subscriptions are automatically included. We’ll be selecting four random orders that qualify, and each order will receive a $150 Oodie voucher.
  2. Your order must be placed between the dates above. If you order before June 1, but it arrives between the dates above, it won't be included in this giveaway.

Good luck and stay warm this winter!

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Be happy,

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