Monthly Giveaway - February 2022

Monthly Giveaway - February 2022

If you’ve got a dream, we wanna put  $1,000 towards it this Feb. 

Dreams. We all have them. Sure, for some, it’s dreaming of a mug that refills itself or a gazillion dollars in the bank account (yesterday), but some of us have different kinds of dreams.

Picking up the guitar again. Starting that cookie biz you’ve been talking about for ages. Pulling the crafts back out, taking that short course, the list goes on!

Well, this Feb, we’re introducing the Urban Brew Dream Fund. We’re paying it forward and awarding one lucky winner $1,000 towards their dream. No matter if it’s a goal, pursuit or passion, we want to get behind you and let you know that you have got this. Do you hear?

If that’s not enough, the winner will also score a coaching session with me (Toby), and we can chat about anything that’s blocking you, something you need help with, or if you just need an accountability buddy. I’m here! Hopefully, I could offer some value to you, regardless of whether it’s starting up a band or becoming a baker.


  1. Place an order of 6 or more packs (60 pods) between Feb 1 and Feb 28 to be eligible. Subscriptions are automatically included. I’ll pick the winner and notify them personally at the start of next month (March). 
  2. Fill out our Dream Fund application form (it’s just a quick lil’ survey). We will be considering all applicants.
  3. Your order must be placed between the dates above. If you order before Feb 1, but it arrives between the dates above, it won't be included in this giveaway.

Good luck, get dreamin’, and I’ll catch you all on the flipside!

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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist