How to make a perfect long black

How to make a perfect long black

How to make a deliciously smooth long black with your Nespresso machine

The most common type of coffee that we are asked about is a long black.
It seems so simple, right? After all, it’s just hot water and coffee. You’d be surprised at how many people make a bad tasting one and don’t understand where they went wrong. With a quick tutorial from us, you can start enjoying a deliciously smooth long black using your Nespresso coffee pod machine! 



A lot of people make the mistake of touching the long shot button. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – DO. NOT. USE. IT. For the sake of your coffee! Running more water through the same pod doesn’t provide any more benefits, it actually makes your coffee bitter and won’t be a pleasant experience. If you want more information about why the long shot button is a big no no, please check out our blog HERE



So how do we make a good long black? Firstly, select your pod – we recommend our intensity #6 or #8, as they are our smoothest blends. Go ahead and pop your chosen pod into your machine and hit the short shot button (Note: If you’re used to a café style long black, you may find that you need to use 2 pods to obtain the same strength - but experiment for yourself and see what your tastebuds like!)

Once you’ve extracted your pod(s), you’ll be left with a smooth coffee extraction and beautiful crema. Next step is to fill the rest of your mug up with boiling water. You have two options: boil a kettle and pour the water in or eject the used pod from your machine and run 1-2 lungo shots of boiling water through.

There you have it – the PERFECT long black. Did you give it a go? If so, what did you think? Let us know below!


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