Machine Hacks: How to beat watery coffee

Machine Hacks: How to beat watery coffee

Is your coffee tasting funky (and not in a good way …)? Lacking flavour and tasting more like a ¼ strength shamble than a double shot daydream? We’ve created the ultimate checklist for brewing the best coffee possible every time, and beating watery coffee right outta the park! 

Urban Brew | Machine hack: how to avoid watery coffeeUrban Brew | Machine hack: how to avoid watery coffee

Just like we need a self care day every so often, our coffee machine does too. So here’s our hot 3 tips to avoid a watery coffee woe:

Tip 1: Descale your machine

For a squeaky clean pod machine that’ll brew top tier coffee every time, we recommend descaling every two to three months. With water constantly running through your machine, this can cause internal mineral buildup which can ruin the quality of the pour and the extraction of the coffee (creating a more watery flow). Descaling your machine eradicates calcium and magnesium build up, creating the best level of extraction after removing all the nasties!

Besides, we all love tasty coffee - so why would we not want to maximise the flavours as much as possible! Say buh-bye to a watery nightmare.

For our nifty step-by-step guide on descaling go here. You’ll find our Descaler in our ‘Treats’ section when you top up on your coffee loot. Start here.

Tip 2: Schedule a weekly clean

In order to stop nasty build up right in its tracks, schedule in a basic weekly clean of your machine. A damp cloth with some warm water will do the trick, and your tastebuds will thank you for it later!

Cleaning every part of your machine allows built up residue or coffee grinds to be removed before it starts pouring watery coffee. Removing the water tank, pod collector and drip tray from the machine and then washing in soapy water will also assit in extending the life of your machine.

Fresh water and a fresh clean will make your machine feel absolutely funky fresh (just how we like our coffee)!

Tip 3: Reset your machine to factory settings

Sometimes a good ol' reset to factory settings is what your machine needs to continue serving up your daily brew! This will help in perfecting the size and duration of the extraction, ensuring that a delicious 40ml of coffee is brewed consistently every time!

Luckily, we've crafted a blog that gives you the deets on how to reset machines, which can be found here.

Bonus Tip: Prime your machine before use

In barista training, you’re taught to flush the heads between every shot - and the same goes for your pod machine! This removes any built up coffee grounds, and runs clean water through the grid plate and spout - creating a perfect flavour that isn’t affected by leftover residue.

Running a long shot through your machine before popping in your pod is super beneficial - not just for the purpose of fresh espresso; it also primes your machine by warming up the heating element prior to brewing your coffee! 

For your coffee to live its best life, simply follow these hacks to make the most of Urban Brew’s fab, full-flavoured pods!


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