How to use the Minipresso NS espresso machine

How to use the Minipresso NS espresso machine

Did someone say coffee on-the-go? Worry no more when your suitcase is looking a little tight for that family holiday, or your caravan is too choc-full of Hawaiian shirts to fit your beloved coffee machine. We know coffee is an essential item no matter where you go, and this nifty ‘lil device will fit here, there and everywhere, so you don’t ever have to go without your daily dose of UB. The Minipresso NS espresso machine is compatible with our Nespresso® OriginalLine range of pods and can be taken with you on your adventures. 


  1. Remove the cup from Minipresso NS
  2. Unscrew outlet head/porter filter
  3. Insert an Urban Brew Nespresso® OriginalLine compatible pod
  4. Screw on outlet head/porter filter - ensure it is nice and tight
  5. Unscrew the water tank
  6. Boil water and pour into water tank - only up to the line
  7. Carefully screw on water tank
  8. Unlock the piston - twist counter clockwise
  9. Pump piston to pressurize and extract the espresso into cup - or you can use your favourite mug

Hopefully these instructions help keep you caffinated wherever you are! Whether it's on a road trip, camping, fishing expedition, early morning hike or in an international resort the Minipresso NS with our Nespresso compatible compostable pods are the best travel companions someone on-the-go can get. 


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Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist