How to Reset your Caffitaly Machine to Factory Settings

How to Reset your Caffitaly Machine to Factory Settings

If you encounter an issue with the extraction of your coffee pods, the first step is to reset your machine back to its factory settings. Common issues that can occur include the size or duration of the extraction and pods getting stuck in your machine.


The extraction time for your pods using the Espresso button should be between 15-30 seconds and you should be left with around 40 ml of coffee. If you find the extraction is taking longer than 30 seconds or shorter than 15 seconds, you may want to try resetting the machine back to its factory defaults.


Caffitaly S24

1) Turn the machine off and ensure the leaver is up

2) Hold down the single espresso button for the whole of step 3 and 4

3) Turn the machine on and after 1 second close and open the lever within 1 second

4) The machine will beep to signal the reset has happened

5) Release the single espresso button

6) The button LEDs will flash and the RED indicator will blink indicating your machine needs to be primed for use

If you're still having issues after resetting your machine, you may want to try cleaning the spout. You can read our blog on how to do this HERE

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