Ever wondered how to recycle aluminium coffee pods

How to Recycle Aluminium Coffee Pods

Ever wondered how to recycle aluminium coffee pods?

This just in: you have quite a few Qs about aluminium pods. Why we don’t use ‘em, how the stats on recycling aluminium coffee pods is actually lower than you think, and just about everything else!

Aluminium free Nespresso compatible coffee podsAluminium free Nespresso compatible coffee pods

And we now have all the answers we can think of!

First up: are Urban Brew's pods made of aluminium?

The short answer: nope! We have a handy dandy guide all about our biodegradability HERE. The quick version: our pods are proudly recyclable and biodegradable, but not compostable (we’re working on it). Our pods take around 2 years to break down, vs. those fat cats out there in the coffee world, whose pods take about 500 years! Whoa - talk about leaving your mark every time you caffeine up.

Alright, so your pods aren’t made of aluminium, but if I use aluminium pods right now. Are aluminium coffee pods safe?

We don’t want to make any claims, but the aforementioned fat cats of the coffee pod world use aluminium because it allegedly seals in freshness better. A ‘fun’ fact: they also spray the inside of the pod with a silicone-based coating (much like the inside of a Coke can). Now, we’re no food scientists and think you’re clued up to make up your own mind, so we’ve just gonna leave that info here for you to mull over. 

 ‘Can you recycle aluminium coffee pods?’, you ask? Read up all about aluminium pods here ‘Can you recycle aluminium coffee pods?’, you ask? Read up all about aluminium pods here

I wanna know more about recycling aluminium coffee pods: can you put Aluminium coffee pods in the recycling bin?

 Ah, awesome question. When we’re talking all about how to recycle aluminium coffee pods, the truth is you really need to head back to the place where you ordered your aluminium pods, so they can dispose of ‘em safely. (We hear that the process of recycling aluminium pods produces a waste product literally called ‘dross’ More on that HERE).

So, no: please don’t pop your aluminium coffee pods into the recycling bin. Try to recycle ‘em through the recycling scheme your coffee pod supplier should have. Unfortunately, the uptake of this is roughly 10%, which means 90% of aluminium pods are heading to landfill, where they literally take hundreds of years to break down.

So, what’s the final word here?

Well, from the over two million aluminium coffee pods used every day is just Australia alone; we believe in changing the product, not the habit. That means we believe you should drink delicious coffee-pod coffee that doesn’t take five hundred years to break down in landfill. We also believe in giving you all the info and all the options. So, ultimately, the choice is still yours.


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