How to edit your Subscription

How to edit your Subscription

We have made this blog along with a video tutorial to help you navigate the process of editing your subscription.

The Subscription edit page

To locate the edit subscription page, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into your accountUrban Brew login button

Step 2: Click on the Subscription link on the left of the page

Urban Brew subscription link

Step 3: Click on the Edit link on the right of the pageUrban Brew edit subscription link

This will bring you to the Subscription Edit page where you can make various changes to your monthly subscription.

Subscription Details – Plan*

You can change the subscription bracket you are in. For example, you can change from a 60 pod subscription to a 120+ pod subscription using the drop down menu.

Urban Brew subscription plan

Shipping Address

You can add a new address or update your current one by clicking on the update address details link. This will redirect you to the Address Book where you can edit your addresses. When you return to the subscription edit page you will then find your options in the Address drop down.Urban Brew shipping address update link

Payment Details

You can add a new credit card by clicking on the update payment details link. This will redirect you to the Payment Details page where you can edit/delete your cards. When you return to the subscription edit page you will then find your options in the Payment Method drop down.Urban Brew update payment details

Edit Subscription

Here you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) button to change the quantity of the products in your subscription.Urban Brew change quantities buttons

Subscription Date

Here you will find the date you started your subscription and the next billing date. To change the next billing date, click on the calendar symbol. This will open the calendar where you can change the date, month and year of your next billing date. Update Plan and Save Changes Once you have made some changes click the update plan button and then the save changes button. Urban Brew update subscription date link

Pause Subscription/Reactivate Subscription

To pause your subscription, click the Pause Subscription button. This will set the status of your subscription to ‘Paused’ and you won’t receive any further orders. The pause button will then be replaced with the Reactivate Subscription button. Clicking this will reactivate your subscription and set your next billing date to the default date for the following month. If you need the billing date sooner, you will need to adjust that using the calendar.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel your subscription permanently click the Cancel Subscription button. You won’t be able to reactivate it and you won’t be billed again.

Urban Brew pause and cancel subscription buttons



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