How to dispose of our Biodegradable Coffee Pods

How to dispose of our Biodegradable Coffee Pods

You have these great environmentally friendly coffee pods, but what is the best way to dispose of them?
Rest easy as we have all the answers here.....

You may have already purchased our coffee pods and are wondering which bin to put them in or perhaps you want to know some more info before you give us a go. Awesome! We have broken down the different options of how to dispose of our pods and also included how to dispose of our pouches and boxes.

Landfill or recycle?

The easiest way to dispose of our pods is to put them into your general waste bin or if you are willing and able to put in a bit more time and effort you can recycle them quite easily. We have the steps for you below...


Landfill Pod Disposal Instructions

How to dispose of coffee pods

What Happens to the our Pods in Landfill?

Now I know what you are thinking, Landfill doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly. Well our pods are made from oxo-biodegradable plastic. This means that once in landfill they will break down in around 2 years (excluding foil lid). 

The d2w oxo-additive in the pods allows for oxygen, moisture, heat, sunlight and or microorganisms to promote degradation and accelerate the process. That being said, they are not necessary for degradation to take place. It takes around two years (based on the average conditions) of exposure to one or more of these environmental conditions. This time frame can change depending on the amount of exposure.

Recycling our Biodegradeable coffee Pods

Conventional plastic and aluminium pods require specialized recycling processes and most the pods being taken to a recycling drop off location. Our pods can be placed into your home recycling bin that goes to the council.

  • The first step is to remove the foil lid. Sadly, our councils recycling systems don’t pick up small materials so anything the size of a bottle cap goes to landfill. That being said if you collect and combine the foil into a ball it will be picked up by the recycling system.
  • Next the coffee grinds can be scooped out and can go into your veggie patch, garden, home compost or green waste bin.
  • The pod can now be rinsed/dusted off and is ready to be recycled in your recycling bin.

What About our Compostable Pouch and Box?

Recycling Coffee pod Packaging


Our Nespresso®* compatible pods are packed in a compostable pouch. You can dispose of it into your home compost or green waste bin (if your local council uses industrial composting facilities) or check online for your local community compost heap. If it goes to landfill it will still break down at an accelerated rate just not as quickly as compost. 

The boxes we use are just made from standard cardboard and are fine to be disposed of into your recycling bin.


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