How to clean your K-fee/Expressi machines spout

How to clean your K-fee/Expressi machines spout

K-fee - 17-595

K-fee/Expressi machines have a detachable spout section that can be removed and cleaned. Overtime, coffee grounds can build up in this spout which can cause blockage and leads to extraction issues. Cleaning it is simple, you'll just need an old toothbrush and some soapy water. Watch the video above to see how to do it, or follow these simple steps:

  • First remove the spout - rotate it clockwise and then pull
  • Rinse in soapy water - scrub clean with a toothbrush
  • Re-insert the spout and turn anti-clockwise to lock in position
  • Put a jug under the spout
  • Press the hot water button to rinse the machine

You can prevent extraction issues by cleaning the spout regularly. Staying on top of this will extend the life span of your machine, and help make your coffee taste even better! 

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