Entre-pod-neurs Journey Episode 7

Entre-pod-neurs Journey Episode 7

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I had such an incredible response from my last episode where I talked about my habits and how I get the most out of my day, I thought… what if I set up a private Urban Brew accountability community where we can discuss and help each other with our goals? I’d be able to have some one-on-one chats with you, share things that I’ve learnt and books that I’ve read, and we could all get to know each other. The Urban Brew community is already so supportive and engaged with each other, so let’s take it to the next level!


Goal Setting Exercise

I want to help you set some goals for your year before leading into this accountability community. I have an exercise that I do every year that helps me set goals and I think it’s super important to do this first. This process gets you thinking and opens your mind up to all the possibilities and resources available to you.

The first step is to create some clear, personal core values to help you with your goal creation. I have a downloadable for you HERE with around 500 potential core values. Print it off, set yourself a 5-minute limit and circle every word that matches with your personal values. If you find that there’s something that isn’t included, feel free to add it!

You’ll end up with around 30 words, which you need to bring down to 16, so roughly 3 per page. Write, print or cut your words out and create 2 rows, with the 8 most important ones at the top and take the bottom 8 away. Now sort your most important to the left and least to the right, take your first 5 words and you’ve got your core values for 2020!

Next, grab a big piece of paper… and I mean BIG! It's time to let your thoughts run wild and create a huge mind map. Write your core values in the middle and some headers that relate to your goals around the edges of the paper. The ones I’ve chosen are: family, love, kids, friends, work, financial, health, spiritual, hobbies, travel, personal, personal growth and learning. Don’t feel pressured to use all these, think about what relates to your personal life!

Below these headings you’re going to list everything that comes to mind. It can be a one-year goal, a 10-year goal, or even just a related word that comes to mind. Just write anything that could potentially turn into a goal. Spend a decent amount of time on this, I usually take around half an hour.

From here, pick 1 to 3 key things that will turn into your main goals for the next year. I personally try and stay balanced across work, family and personal so I try to pick from each of these pillars. Your goals don’t have to come from 3 pillars, you may find that all your goals revolve around family, personal life or even work – make it whatever you want! Also just to clarify, I consider categories like learning and hobbies to fall under the personal pillar.

The most important thing here is to consider your core values. When you’re picking your 3 key goals, run through your core values and make sure they align with each other, so you don’t end up with a random goal that came out of nowhere. Trust me, you’re more likely to achieve a goal that aligns with your core values.

My three goals for the next year are to 'not coast' with my family, stick to filming one journey episode every month and to compete in the Toastmasters World Championship. You may end up with bigger, long-term goals that won’t be fully achieved in 2020, which is where you will break them down into a smaller goal/habit that leads up to your end goal. For example, in 2020 I simply want to go back to Toastmasters once a week so that in 5-10 years I can compete in then world championships.


Interested in joining our accountability community?

I hope so! If you join us in the community, I will also run you through how to track your goals and keep yourself accountable. 

This exercise was a quick crash course in goal setting… I’ve got way more tips and tricks that I want to share with you! You can sign up for our accountability community HERE – if you sign up, you’ll also go into the draw to win 50 FREE PODS!!!

Get ready to smash goals and make 2020 your year!




Download CORE VALUES here


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