Entre-pod-neurs Journey Episode 6

Entre-pod-neurs Journey Episode 6

Some tips and tricks to help you own your day AND your chance to win 50 FREE PODS!!!


Hoorah! I've managed to create another episode, I told you I'd make sure I get it done! This episode gives you a look into my routine and how I structure my day to ensure I get the most out of it. I'll also give you a bunch of tips, tricks and recommendations that you can incorporate into your life so that you can own your day too! To win 50 FREE pods, comment on YouTube or at the bottom of this blog with the answer to this question: what was the second to last audiobook that I recommended?
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I’m not a morning person, but I love waking up early at around 4:50am and getting the most out of my day.
I’ve found that there are 3 core things that help me make it happen:
1. Plan everything the night before – lay out my gym gear, queue my music etc.
2. As soon as I wake up, listen to music for 10 minutes to ease into the day and avoid falling back asleep
3. Get up and walk around while listening to a positive podcast or audio book (I highly recommend signing up for audible – I have no affiliation with them, it’s just a great service)
Next, I get to the gym. I love the fitness side, but more so I love how it wakes me up. I always hated coming into the office feeling groggy and half asleep and going to the gym clears this feeling out. Aside from that, it’s another hour opportunity for me to learn, so I listen to an audio book or podcast and have a full hour of learning while stretching and exercising. There are so many benefits that I can’t not do it every morning.
I’ve listed the best audiobooks that I’ve listened to at the gym at the bottom of this blog.
After I’m done with the gym, I do 5 minutes of breathing techniques using the Wim Hoff method and also 5 minutes of meditation. 5 minutes may not seem worth it, but I’ve found that even if you’re struggling to fit things into your day, a few minutes is still better than nothing. While I’m brushing my teeth, I look at my vision board. It’s simple and there isn’t much to it, but the main purpose behind it is to remind myself that it’s very important to live life with intent and not just let every year pass without moving closer towards a big goal.
I head off to work which is another great opportunity to learn. I usually listen to podcasts during my drive to work and I’ve listed some good ones at the bottom of this blog.
Once I get to the office, it’s finally time for the first of many coffees for the day!
After my morning huddles with the team, it’s time to get super productive for a couple of hours. I’ve found that the best time for me to do deep work is between 10-12 before lunch. During this time, I turn off all notifications and put away any distractions. I block out this time in my calendar to get my power list done, which is about 5 core tasks/goals for the day that will move the business forward.
You can check out a couple of my book recommendations on productivity and deep work down the bottom of this blog.
Later in the afternoon, I’m having a 6-month review with our graphic designer and eCommerce manager, which is something I do with all new staff. I’m a big believer in truth over harmony which I incorporate into all meetings, and this goes both ways as I encourage my staff to do the same back to me. I encourage you to speak to friends and family and ask for brutal honesty to learn bad habits and other amazing things about yourself. If you’re open to constructive criticism, you will learn a lot from it and wil be able to find ways to improve.
Once my work day is over, it’s time to spend time with my family. After this, I start winding down and get ready for bed.
One key thing that you would have noticed is that a lot of my day involves education. The biggest mistake I see people make is not implementing the things they’ve learnt - they just absorb information and don’t act. I encourage you to create a system where you implement the things you’ve learnt into something, like your career, hobbies or personal goals.
If you have any questions, please comment below, send me an email at hello@urbanbrew.co or call us on 1800 875 495 and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! 

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist


Audiobook recommendations:

1. Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
2. Chicken Soup For The Soul - Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark
3. Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
4. Atomic Habits – James Clear
5. Own the Day, Own your Life – Aubrey Marcus

Podcast Recommendations:

The Tim Ferris Show
Making Sense – Sam Harris
Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Book Recommendations:

The Power of When – Michael Breus, PhD
Deep Work – Cal Newport