COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Updates on COVID-19 in Urban Brew


Hey it’s Toby here,

Firstly, I want to apologise to those who feel that they’ve been kept in the dark about how we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a business. The truth is, it’s been mayhem over the past few days, and we’ve been hit with a huge influx of orders that we’re trying to keep up with.

There’s no denying that the current COVID-19 crisis is going to create a decline in the economy and high spirit we often see in Australia, and small businesses are going to face challenges that not long ago were unfathomable.

I have kept myself constantly updated on this crisis in order to plan ahead and be prepared for what’s to come. We are incredibly lucky to be in the position that we’re in, as we don’t have a shortage of stock and raw materials and as we manufacture it right here in Adelaide, we can ramp up the production if needed to keep up with the demand. So please don’t stress about not being able to receive your order!

It's not all blue skies and rainbows for us though. We have two major concerns right now:

  1. Getting cut off from Italy. They’ve been in lockdown for around 2 weeks now, but so far there have been no issues in getting pods. Some essential businesses are still operating there and thankfully our supplier comes under that umbrella. For now, it seems okay, but the future is unpredictable, and everything is rapidly changing.
  2. Our staff getting sick and the virus spreading through our team. We’re handling this by segregating our teams – our eCom team will be working from home as of Monday, which means our office staff can be spread out more and our production and online packing teams are splitting into different shifts so that there’s minimal contact between each other.

We are working through these things but please bear with us – with the influx of orders comes an influx of enquiries, so our customer service team is getting swamped at the moment. Please rest assured that we are here to help you in any way, but we would appreciate it if phone contact was made only when absolutely necessary – currently the preferred method of contact is email.

We have a bunch of blogs that we created to help you with your most common questions, which you can find here:

Where is my order?

How to edit your subscription

How to manage your deliveries with My Post


I want to finish off by letting you know that you will still receive normal communication from us, like our campaigns and giveaways and other fun stuff. I know it may seem disconnected from what is going on in the world and for some of you it’s not what you’re concerned about right now, but I feel that it’s important to break away from the craziness and continue bringing you our usual fun and positive content. If you don’t like what you’re receiving, please let us know and we can make adjustments.

I also want everyone who is reading/watching this to take this matter very seriously. Many of us will be fine if we contract the virus, but there is the risk of spreading it to people, who will then spread it to even more people, which will make this situation get out of control and overwhelm our hospitals. The best thing we can all do is to take extra precautions to slow the spread of this virus.

If we have any more updates on what is going on in the business regarding this matter, we will let you all know.



Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist