Chocolate Coffee beans

Chocolate Coffee beans

Wondering what ingredients are in our Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans?

Our chocolate coated coffee beans that we sell are a delicious treat that makes delivery day even more exciting, but many of you have been wondering what ingredients are in them and if they contain any allergens. Please check out the Nutritional Information Panel below for all the information you need!


 Nutrional Information Panel

 Melbas Chocolate Coffee beans Nutrional information panel


Ingredients: Chocolate: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa, milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin). Coffee beans.

Glaze: Vegetable gum. Sugar, glucose, Confectioners Varnish

Cocoa Solids: 59% Milk Solids 2%.



Contains Soy, Milk.

May contain Traces of Peanuts and Other Nuts.


Melbas statement on Gluten in its products:

Our chocolate does not contain any gluten ingredients. However, due to the fact that we manufacture, process and pack all products (including non-gluten free products) with the same plant and equipment, we do not label any products as gluten free. If you are Celiac, we suggest reading the allergen statement of each product, to ensure it is appropriate.


I hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions, please send us an email at or call us on 1800 875 495. We are happy to help!


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