Best Nespresso Machine - 2020

Best Nespresso Machine - 2020

Over the past couple of years since being in business, we have tested thousands of our Nespresso compatible pods in a bunch of different machines to compare the pros and cons between different machines. Nespresso have their machines down pact, and most of the time choosing your machine comes down to your budget and whether you drink milk with your coffee.

Unfortunately like all electrical appliances, coffee pod machines aren’t made to last forever. Whether you buy a cheap one or a more expensive one, they will likely need to be replaced in a few years, so we generally recommend going for one of the cheaper machines.

Since we’ve done the testing, let us help you out with our top 5 Nespresso machine recommendations!


1 - Breville/Delonghi Mini Essenza - Most bang for your buck

Delonghi Mini Essenza














Reasons to buy: Gives a great Espresso - Affordable – Compact size

Reasons to avoid: No Milk frother (can purchase separately) – Small pod tray and water tank – Limited shot size options – Taller mugs may not fit under spout

The Mini Essenza is going to give you the same great tasting espresso as any of its more expensive counterparts. Its compact size means it can easily fit in most kitchens. But being so compact means that it will fill up with pods quickly so you will need to empty it regularly depending on how often you use it. It also has a smaller water tank which will need to be filled up more often.


2 - Delonghi Citiz / Citiz & Milk – What we use in our office

Delonghi Citiz / Citiz & Milk

Reasons to buy: Larger water tank and pod tray – Has an Aeroccino Milk frother option (Citiz & Milk)

Reasons to avoid: The standard Citiz model doesn’t have a Milk frother – Limited shot size options

The Nespresso Citiz and Citiz & Milk are the larger and more reliable sibling to the Essenza. We have used a Citiz in our office for the past two years and it has been super reliable given that it churns out a lot of coffee every day. Whilst it doesn’t operate any differently to the Essenza, it does have a larger water tank and pod tray for those that drink more coffee each day. This model also has a version that comes with an attached Aeroccino milk frother for those who enjoy a latte or cappuccino.


3 - Breville Creatista Plus – Best high-end model for milk lovers

Breville Creatista Plus machine

Reasons to buy: Steam wand for silky milk (11 temperature settings) – Higher build quality (metal used in areas)

Reasons to avoid: Super Expensive!

The Nespresso Creatista Plus is Nespresso most expensive model and there’s a reason for it. It’s built with more metal components making it a lot sturdier than the cheaper models. It also comes with a LED display for selecting your shot size. Whilst the steam wand won’t have as much pressure as a Café machine, it still provides silky milk perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. If your budget allows for it, the Creatista Plus is perfect for replicating a café style coffee.


4 - Wacaco Minipresso NS – For the travelers

Wacaco Minipresso NS

Reasons to buy: Super portable – No power required

Reasons to avoid: Requires hand pumping – Doesn’t have 19 bars of pressure

The Minipresso is great for people on the go who still want to enjoy their Urban brew pods. All you need is an Urban Brew pod, hot water and some hands to pump. This is a great option for camping, backpacking and road trips. Its compact size means it can be easily kept in a backpack or even a handbag.


5 - Delonghi Lattissima One - Quick and easy frothed milk

Delonghi Lattissima One

Reasons to buy: Rapid Cappuccino system, Cleaning alerts, large pod tray and large water tank

Reasons to avoid: Rapid Cappuccino system requires disassembly and cleaning after each use.

If you don’t have the budget for the Creatista Plus and still love a milky coffee, then the Lattissima One is a good mid-range alternative. Its removable Rapid Cappuccino System is easy to use and clean and gives consistent frothy milk. The Lattissima One also has convenient lights to indicate when you need to descale the machine and when the Rapid Cappuccino System needs to be cleaned. This is good for extending the shelf life of the machine.


Machines to avoid

We have noticed that any automatic Nespresso machine with a powered/motorized pod release mechanism has issues with extractions and leaking water. There are also known faults with some of these models and Nespresso have since discontinued them. The models to avoid include the U Model and U & Milk model and more recently the Prodigio.


The Essenza Mini is our Best Nespresso Machine for 2020 due to the fact it is cheap, compact and makes a great espresso. However everyone is different and hopefully our suggestions will help you with your purhcase. 


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