What makes us an 'Australian business'?

What makes us an 'Australian business'?

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What makes us an Aussie business?

We always get a lot of questions about what makes us an Australian business - and we’re here to spill the beans on what truly makes us an Aussie biz.

We’re here to explain what we source internationally, and what we do right here on our Aussie turf - setting us apart from those big name international pod brands that flood the market.

They always say, it’s all in the sourcing

Truthfully, Aussie-grown coffee beans just don’t hit the spot like all of the prime coffee regions internationally. This means that every bean we use is sourced from the finest regions and delivered to our warehouse in South Australia.

Why is this, you ask? It’s simple!

We want to deliver top-notch quality right to your tastebuds, and Aussie beans just don’t cut it!

What about the pods?

As well as the beans, we also source our pod shells from overseas. If you’ve stuck around our Brew Crew for a while, you’d know that we’re on a mission to make Australia’s best home compostable pod that has the same great taste you know and love, whilst also looking out for the environment in all the best ways. 

In order for us to be able to save the planet one pod at a time, we’re putting in all the time and money for researching, trialling and testing right now so that we can bring the production of these onto Aussie soil in the long run!

So, what do we do in Australia? 

A huge chunk of our operations happen right here. From the roasting and the grinding of these magical beans, packing the pods, printing the packaging and sending out your orders via Australia Post - it’s all done right here in Australia, by locals who really care! 

This allows us to employ local people, support fellow local businesses (shoutout to Australia Post getting your orders out to you everyday!) and eventually bring the manufacturing of brand new home compostable coffee pods right here on Aussie soil. 


Checkout our FAQs, send me an email at hello@urbanbrew.co, call us on 1800 875 495 or text us on 0408 030 947. We are happy to help!

Be happy,

Toby Strong (aka The Podfather)

Founder & Customer Happiness Specialist